5 Handbag Trends To Ditch This Summer And What To Try Instead

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Handbags are an essential accessory for the perfect summer outfit. Just like with clothing, handbag trends come and go. Celebrity street style and social media tend to show a glimpse of what is in style, and judging by their picks, this summer is quite the time for gorgeous handbags. Many of winter 2021 and spring 2022's trending handbags have dwindled off the scene and been replaced with new cult favorites.


Casual-chic is all the rage for this summer, combining both slouch and glam. Summer is a time for rest, relaxation, and taking all of those hard-earned vacation days, but that doesn't mean you can't add a touch of chic. This resonates in the handbags of this summer season. Many of the bag trends this year incorporate the idea that many people are still working from home and prefer practicality as much as aesthetic, such as having room for all their Zoom essentials in their bag (via Grazia). Now, here are our curated picks for what handbag trends to ditch this summer and what arm-candy trends to try instead.

Rubber bags instead of nylon fanny packs

Pool days and trips to the lake are a favorite summertime pastime and require a cool, waterproof bag. You may have found yourself dressing like your mom and carrying your nylon fanny pack around in the past couple of years. During summer 2022, switch out the nylon fanny pack for a rubber bag.


With the popularity of Balenciaga's Crocs Large Tote Bag and the trend even making an appearance on Bottega Venetta's 2022 resort show runway, rubber bags are simpler to find than ever before (via YouTube). They are often large enough to hold all of your necessities — sunscreen, snacks, and even a beach towel — all while being super cute.

Slouchy shoulder bags instead of structured shapes

While structured, boxy bags were once the epitome of glam, today's world calls for a more relaxed approach. Y2K meets 2022 with the slouchy shoulder bag trend. Think Carrie Bradshaw's Fendi baguette in Sex and The City (via the Product Placement Blog). First trending in the early 2000s, this style is back to take the throne.


Slouchy shoulder bags in a relaxed crescent shape are the perfect complement to any look. They are small enough to be worn on the shoulder, while simultaneously being big enough to hold all the essentials. Givenchy Small Moon Cut Out Leather Bag and the By Far Amber Shoulder Bag are some of the most popular shoulder bags at the moment.

Raffia totes instead of cotton market bags

Cotton market bags were everywhere last summer due to their practicality, even causing "hot girl tote bag" to trend on TikTok and Instagram. The #hotgirltotebag has racked up almost 10,000 posts on Instagram alone. In summer 2022, the classic "hot girl" cotton market tote is being replaced with the raffia tote. Ultimately, it's a practical tote with much more "wow" factor.


Raffia totes are known as a French girl staple, as they are chic and can practically go with any outfit, and now, naturally, many brands are creating their own versions of the classic raffia tote.

The classic crossbody instead of a micro-mini bag

Back in spring 2018, Jacquemus began to take the fashion world by storm with its Le Chiquito Bag, as celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, and Beyoncé began to wear the impractical bag (via Instagram). The bag is barely big enough to hold AirPods, let alone a phone, wallet, and other accessories.


In summer 2022, we're ditching the impractical micro-mini bags and instead switching to the practical, classic crossbody. While you most likely have a classic crossbody bag in your wardrobe already, there are some great new editions on the scene. The Marc Jacobs Snapshot and the Saint Laurent Monogram Lou Bag are just a few of the trending crossbody bags you need to see.

Blingy bags instead of matte shades

While summer is for lazy days, it doesn't mean you can't have a bit of bling! Matte, neutral shades have been a common handbag theme for years, but this summer you are encouraged to think outside the neutral palette and add some bling to your accessories.


When going out in the summer, replace the mattes with a crystalized bag. The Benedetta Bruzziches Vitty Grande Bag is the ultimate combo as it is a slouchy shoulder bag, fully embellished with crystal mesh. Another slouchy yet shimmering bag is the Cult Gaia Hera Rhinestone Mini Shoulder Bag. Even Jennifer Lopez was spotted sporting this bag in late 2021 (via StarStyle).