Floral Nail Art For Spring Doesn't Have To Be Boring! How To Remix The Look

Nothing feels better than ushering in a new season with a fresh new manicure. Now that the warm weather is here, it's time to shelve those dark, wintry colors in favor of pretty pastels and vibrant neons. And while florals may not be groundbreaking, they are a timeless standard for spring, especially when it comes to nail art.

Whether you love to go big and bold with your manicures or prefer soft and feminine styles, there's a floral design for you. Nail artists are combining their love of floral nail art with other trends like the French manicure, embossing, and swirls, which is resulting in some very exciting new designs. Regular florals are pretty, but we've gathered some of the most stunning examples of manicures that prove floral nail art for spring doesn't have to be so straightforward.

If you've been looking to remix your mani, check out these awesome creations and get inspired before your next visit to the nail salon.

'60s vibes

Go bold, bright, and just a little bit retro with this '60s-inspired manicure. Vertical swirls are painted in vibrant shades of pink, green, blue, and red polish and decorated with daisy nail art. The thick swirls remind us of a lava lamp, but you could also paint your swirls thinner if that's more to your taste.

You can buy yourself flowers

How gorgeous are these floral nails? Hand-painted floral nail art is beautiful, but did you know you can use real, dried flowers for your next manicure? This nail artist encapsulated dried nails and gold flecks for a touch of shimmer on two milky white accent nails for a uniquely gorgeous look. 

Soft and sweet

Bring the look of wildflowers to your manicure with this soft and sweet nail art. Neutral pink nails are topped with hand-painted florals in pretty pastel shades for a look that reminds us of fields of wildflowers. This is a soft and feminine look that will have everyone asking for your nail artist's name.

Mix and match

When you just can't decide between a solid manicure or nail art, why not go for both? This gorgeous lavender polish is the ideal choice for your spring manicure but for those who want something a little more fun, this bright floral nail art on just one hand is the perfect complement. Who says you can't mix and match your nails?

Subtle monochrome

Don't shy away from floral nails simply because you prefer a minimalist look. You don't have to opt for basic, solid-color nails or a classic French manicure with these subtle, monochrome florals. This peachy French manicure is instantly elevated by adding floral nail art on two accent nails.

Lilac nails

We often see a lot of pink and green polishes when it comes to floral nails which is why these lilac nails are such a nice surprise. Hand-painted tiny flowers in various shades of lavender are painted across a clear base and accented by tiny green leaves, which lets the colors of the flowers really stand out. These are giving us royally fun regencycore vibes!

Simply stunning

We've said it before, but floral nail art doesn't have to be bright or even colorful to make a statement. These medium-length square nails are painted with an opaque polish and finished with just the outline of a daisy on each nail creating unique negative-space floral art. One dot of yellow polish acts as the center of each nail.

Floral cuff

Decorating the cuff of the nail — the area just above the cuticle — has become increasingly popular and this nail art shows us why. One tiny white flower at the cuff of the neutral nails creates a simple but not boring manicure. You could customize this look and get as creative as you want by using a different base color or flower color too.

3D flowers

Embossed nails and 3D nail art are one way to get your manicure noticed! These embossed flowers are such a show-stopper you only need them on one accent finger. But, if you live by the mantra that a little is good, but more is better, feel free to add them to every nail!


We've seen a lot of micro-tips as a stylish and modern way to update the classic French manicure, but look how beautiful this floral version is! A sweet, tiny outline of flowers creates the illusion of a micro-tip for an updated floral twist on French tips that we cannot get enough of.

Rainbow garden

Have some fun with your nails with this rainbow French manicure that is giving us spring vibes. How cute is the addition of these matching flowers painted to look as though they're blooming from the nail cuff? A thin line of silver chrome polish outlining the different colored tips is a nice finishing touch.

A touch of glitter

Nail artists are incorporating glitter and chrome into their floral nail art to add an unexpected touch of sparkle that we really haven't seen before. This nail artist chose to keep things light with a pinkish-white solid base color while using Victorian-style nail art on two accent nails. Just a touch of silver glitter polish completes the look.

Be unexpected

Let's face it, when you think of floral nails you think of pastels first and maybe a bright neon pink or yellow second. Spring colors rule the manicure landscape when it comes to floral designs which is why this orangey-red floral design on milky white nails is so unexpected. These nails are stunning, not just because of their simple boldness, but because they're just so different from what we usually see.

Black and white

Similar to the previous manicure, we rarely see black polish used when creating floral nail art. Clearly, that's a mistake because these nails are the epitome of cuteness! This floral take on the polka dot trend is young and whimsical and gives off a preppy vibe we think you'd see a lot of on the Upper East Side.

Daisy chain

Gold chrome polish connects these hand-painted daisies across the hand, creating a lovely spring manicure. Neutral nails are the perfect base for this simplistic nail art. We love that the nail artist uses both gold chrome polish and silver glitter to add some soft and shimmering accents to this look.