Milk Bath Nails Aren't Going Anywhere. Here Are 30 Ways To Rock The Trend

If you've been looking for some inspiration for your next manicure and love all things romantic, airy, and light, milk bath nails are for you. This is a style that's been around for a few years and recently has seen a surge in popularity. If you've ever seen a milk bath photoshoot, you have a good idea of what milk bath nails look like. They typically feature a milky white base polish with dried florals incorporated into the manicure. The results are simply gorgeous, making it no surprise that this trend is as popular as ever.

One of the best things about milk bath nails is there's really no limit to how creative you can get. You can even incorporate different trends into your milk bath nails, including accent nails, gems, rainbow colors, and ombre effects. The limit does not exist when it comes to creating unique and feminine milk bath nails on any length or shape of nail.

If you think this is a trend you may like to try for your next visit to the nail salon, but aren't sure where to start, look no further. Whether you love something more minimalist or are a "the more the better" type of person, we've compiled some gorgeous milk bath manicure options that are sure to inspire.

Simply gorgeous

Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik has created some beautiful manicures for some of our favorite stars, but this milk bath manicure he created for Jennifer Lopez is simply stunning. We'll often see dried flowers set in a milk bath nail, but this shows just how classic this trend can look without embellishments. This is a great way to update the typical nude polish with something a bit brighter.

Pink and blue

Milk bath nails are so exciting because they really are fully customizable. You don't have to incorporate a lot of dried flowers to create something truly unique. This style adds just a few tiny florals in pink and blue on a pale pink base color instead of the traditional milky white polish. These would be perfect for a gender reveal!

Good as gold

If bright florals aren't your thing but you still love the idea of giving the milk bath manicure a try, ask your nail artist to use gold flakes instead. This is a great way to create a subtle yet striking look without adding a lot of color or intricate designs to your manicure.

Heart of (rose) gold

Here's another way to embrace your love of precious metals. A classic milk bath nail is decorated with just a tiny dot of rose gold glitter right at the center of the cuticle by this nail artist. An unadorned milk bath manicure can seem too plain for some, but the addition of just a small amount of glitter in such a classic shade is the perfect touch.

Cuffed gems

Adding gems or embellishments to milk bath nails is one way to set your nails apart from the rest. Lavender glitter adds the perfect touch to this manicure for a pretty and feminine effect. Go for something a little different by adding pearl embellishments on two accent nails. This is a look that would be great for a bridal or baby shower.

Starry sky

Shine bright like a diamond with these extra-long stiletto nails. Nails this length gives you so much more canvas to decorate, but this nail artist chose to add just a few strategically placed rhinestone gems painted to look like stars in the sky, and the results are breathtaking. Stiletto nails will always stand out, so you don't necessarily need to go overboard with your nail design.

We love an accent nail

There's a reason why milk bath nails are so popular, and that's because it can give you a subtle manicure that matches anything and works for every season. But sometimes you want this glorious neutral shade with just a pop of color, which is why we love an accent nail so much. This nail artist added mini purple flowers and some gold glitter for the perfect accent.

Garden party

Bring those gorgeous summer flowers to your nails with this beautiful design. Tiny flowers in various shades of blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow are embedded in this milky white polish. This look evokes images of a garden of flowers in full bloom and is sure to make you smile every time you look at your nails.

Chrome tips

There are lots of different ways to experiment with milk bath nails that don't involve florals. This nail artist incorporated a few different trends to create this stunning manicure. Adding French tips in a silver chrome polish on top of a milk bath base nail proves the limit does not exist when it comes to manicure ideas! The addition of the tiny heart makes these a Valentine's Day must-have.

Pastel perfection

Long, coffin-shaped nails are the ideal canvas for this colorful milk bath manicure. Multi-colored dried florals are accented with the tiniest bits of gold flakes and spread out to cover the full length of the two accent nails. By keeping the other nails neutral, the nail artist allows these two nails to really stand out.

Floral tips

Milk bath, but make it French! If you love to wear extra-long nails, try this look for something different. This nail artist created a version of a French manicure by adding multi-colored dried flowers to these milk bath nails just throughout the long tips. Each nail is unique, yet they all work together.

Pretty as a picture

If you love OPI's Funny Bunny (and who doesn't), this manicure will definitely speak to you. Pretty pastel polishes are used to create the look of dried flowers on top of OPI's iconic shade while the other nails are painted in a soft pink polish. The colors are soft and muted and are perfect for spring, summer, or any romantic occasion.

Get colorful

Milk bath nails make for great accent nails even when you choose to use regular polish for your other nails. Choose one or more polishes that complement the florals in your milk bath nails to create a colorful manicure. These different tones are great for the fall season and prove that your florals don't always have to be pastels.

All that glitters

Take your milk bath manicure to the next level with glitter! These iridescent sparkles on a pearlescent base make these nails ready for anything. This look would be perfect for the holidays, a night on the town, or just when you want to add a little sparkle to your life. 

Easter basket

Are you looking for the perfect manicure for Easter, or maybe that beach vacation you've been dreaming about? This aqua blue polish is expertly accented by these gorgeous milk bath nails featuring the tiniest dried flowers embedded in the polish. These colors work so well together that you'll be showing off your mani to everyone you see.

Naturally nude

Part of the appeal of milk bath nails is how naturally beautiful they are with or without embellishments, florals, or added gems. This nail artist created a gorgeous, nude milk bath nail with just a hint of iridescence that is perfect for anyone who loves a more neutral nail but wants something different than a solid gloss or even matte polish.

Red and gold

We are obsessed with these nails! Deep burgundy, red, and pink dried flowers are paired with shiny gold flakes on these long, almond-shaped nails to create a manicure that screams luxury. The colors are muted enough to still be neutral while the gold gives those rich vibes we love to see.

Stiletto shine

The combination of iridescent sparkles and rich, jewel-toned florals and gold accents combine to create this one-of-a-kind milk bath manicure. Long stiletto nails are the perfect backdrop for this stunning look, and we love how the nail artist uses a milky pink polish to coordinate with the embellished nails.

Minimally gorgeous

This milk bath treatment is for all those who love a minimalist manicure. To create a look that is chic yet understated, this nail artist adds minimal dried flowers in lavender onto a pale pink nail. The length and shape of these nails are pretty, subtle, and functional.

Spring fling

Dried flowers complete with stems make for a pretty, spring-inspired look. The monochromatic white flowers are subtly accented with flecks of greenery and purple petals that are reminiscent of a Victorian-era painting. This look is soft and pretty and gives us major Regencycore vibes. We're just missing our handsome Duke!

Fresh as a daisy

This manicure is like a bouquet of flowers. Just looking at this gorgeous artwork will make you happy and put a smile on your face. This manicure echoes the style of those traditional milk baths and showcases dried flowers in a variety of colors embedded in a milky white polish. 

Simply sweet

You can choose to go with a variety of different colored flowers for your milk bath manicure or, like this nail artist did, choose just a few that work well together. This combination of purple and yellow flowers gives you a look that would work for any season or occasion.

Pale petals

There are no rules when it comes to nail artistry or how you wear different trends, which is why milk bath nails don't always have to be milky white. These nails have embedded dried flowers on a peachy-colored base instead, creating a really warm, soft look that may be different from the traditional style but is still just as beautiful.


While milk bath nails are art on their own, we love how this manicure also incorporates decals to add a different dimension to this look. Cherub decals in coordinating colors of the neutral flowers are added to this traditional milk bath manicure to create an adorably dreamy finished product.

Blue lagoon

These nails will have you feeling anything but blue! This look works great for those who love a monochromatic moment. Different shades of blue flowers are used to create the two accent nails for this manicure, but you could use flowers in any color to create a similar vibe. A monochromatic manicure doesn't have to be created using solid colors, as this shows.  

Golden garden

Gold foil adds such a rich and luxe feeling to any look, so it's no surprise that it's being used more and more on manicures. Using it to accent milk bath nails helps create a focal point on the nails that accentuates the beauty of the embedded flowers while adding a bit of shimmer and shine.

Flower power

Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is simply better! These milk bath nails took their name to heart and look like the photo shoot that serves as their inspiration. A full coffin nail is embedded with various dried flowers on top of a milky white base color for the most stunning result. The colors are the perfect combination of vibrant and muted to give the full milk bath effect.

Transparent tips

This nail artist proves you can find inspiration everywhere when she created these transparent, floral tips to complement her client's ring. The balance of earth tones and pastels makes this manicure so versatile, while the transparent tips are a unique way to combine the classic French manicure with the milk bath trend.

Hearts and flowers

If romance were a manicure, this would be it. Although these nails were created for Valentine's Day, they are so stunning they should be worn all year round. The milk bath accent nail features the perfect fusion of purple and silver shades, while the remaining nails are topped with a micro-French tip in silver shimmer.

Gold cuffs

It's cuffing season, and nothing catches your eye more than a gold flake cuff. This is another great way to add a bit of glitter to your milk bath manicure without adding traditional dried flowers or embellishments. The gold provides a chic contrast to the white base that makes this look perfect for a night on the town.