Your Guide To Choosing The Right Wedding Veil For You (There's A Lot To Consider)

Once you start planning a wedding, you realize how many details there are to consider to make your wedding day magical, and the veil is no exception. The intriguing history of the wedding veil has led to many veils being available to choose from with differences in size, fabric, embellishment, and even color. With the fall's best bridal trends already here, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the choices.

The best way to find the right veil for you is to understand what you are looking to accomplish. Whether you are going for a modern look or modest attire, there is something perfect for you. The best way to find the right veil is to consider the details of the dress and the type of venue you're planning to use for your wedding. To make the choice easier, we at Glam created a guide on finding the perfect veil, much needed to make the day just as special as you picture it to be.

Bandeau veil

Also known as the birdcage veil, this option is perfect for the bride who wants something short and sweet. The bandeau veil, which was created in the 1940s, allowed women to get the bridal look without so much fabric. Today, the veil is perfect for informal brides who want to add a retro touch.

Shoulder-length wedding veil

If you're going for a more traditional look for your wedding day, a shoulder-length veil is a great choice for you. This option is usually found at around 20 inches, a length which allows brides to wear the veil for the whole day without feeling heavy or weighed down.

Blusher veil

The blusher veil includes an extra layer of fabric used to shield the face. This is another traditional style that allows the groom to lift the fabric off the bride's face before he kisses the bride. This veil is available in a myriad of lengths depending on the bride's preference.

Fingertip-length veil

The goal of the fingertip-length veil is to hit just above the bride's fingers. This is for the person who wants the drama of a longer veil without having to worry about it dragging on the ground and potentially getting dirty. This veil comes in a myriad of styles and fabrics to choose from.

Ballet-length veil

Usually attached to the back of the hair, the ballet-length veil is another perfect option for the less traditional bride. From the comb, it stands at around 60 inches in length. This veil is great for someone with a simple gown who wants a veil to accentuate it without overpowering the dress.

Chapel-length veil

The chapel veil is a long veil, normally ranging from 85 to 95 inches. This veil should hit the floor when worn by most brides, depending on the shoes they prefer. This look is amazing for brides who have a more formal wedding dress. However, for the most flattering look, you should avoid it if the dress already has a train.

Cathedral-length veil

A cathedral wedding veil is amazing for the bride who wants to bring drama to her wedding day. Ranging anywhere from 108 to 120 inches, it often extends past the length of the standard train. The veil allows the bride to not have to worry about a bustle and use it as a replacement for a longer silhouette. This is a formal option suited for an elaborate venue.

Juliet cap veil

If you're going for a vintage look, the Juliet Cap is an amazing option. The Juliet cap veil usually features lace or embellishments along its perimeter and sits on top of your forehead. The name comes from the veils worn during the famed Shakespearean play "Romeo and Juliet."

Mantilla veil

The Mantilla veil is a beautiful option that has a long history. The veil originated in Spain and was a part of the Catholic tradition. Sitting on the forehead and cascading to the ground, the veil creates a perfectly ethereal look and is great for a more modest bride.