Battling Humidity? These 15 Hairstyles Have Got You Covered

For many of us, high humidity means a one-way ticket to a bad hair day. Hot and humid days are already uncomfortable enough, but even worse, they can ruin even the most meticulous hairdo. When there's lots of moisture in the air, it can make our locks frizzy, puffy, limp, and, well, just a bit of a mess overall. To prevent a frizzy frustration, style your hair with the weather in mind from the get-go. Starting your day with a humidity-resistant hairstyle means you'll look (and probably feel) nicer all day.

The humid day hairstyles on this list can help keep your tresses tamed, but there are also hair care steps you can take beforehand. If frizz is an everyday enemy, use frizz-reducing products like an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner, smoothing serums, and hair oils. Also, take advantage of products used to smooth and hold hair in place, like hairspray and gel.

While we love loose, flowing locks, the reality is, they sometimes aren't comfortable in hot and humid weather. Besides keeping your hair off your neck, which can help keep you cool, tied-up styles can also help conceal the frizziness and flatness that comes from humid weather. Slicked-back hairstyles can help keep every last hair in place, but we've also included some looser styles if sleek looks aren't your cup of tea. With fetching hairstyles in your back pocket, you can win the battle against humidity once and for all.

Messy updo

When it comes to humid day hairstyles, it's best to stick with a look that takes advantage of your natural texture. One option that's suitable for all hair textures is a messy updo. To get the look, slick back the front of your hair to keep it looking extra neat, then pull the rest of your hair in a bun on top of your head. Even if your tresses get a little bit frizzy and puffy throughout the day, they will still look effortlessly cool in this relaxed updo style.

Sleek pigtail braids

If you don't love ponytails and buns, you still have options for keeping your hair tied back on a humid day. Pigtail braids are so adorable, bringing a childhood favorite hairstyle back into your day-to-day repertoire. While loose and delicate braids look so pretty, they might not hold up as nicely on a damp day. Sleek pigtail braids will look much neater and smoother when the conditions are ripe for frizz.

Ballerina bun

Neat, pretty, and tidy, sleek ballerina buns really capture the elegance of a dancer. Another sleek bun hairstyle, ballerina buns are placed in the middle of the back of your head. The bun itself has a neat twisted appearance, different from the messy updo's more undone and relaxed look. To really lean into the balletcore style, finish off your ballet bun with a hair ribbon. Hairspray can help keep the front of your style slick, while a hairnet can help keep the bun portion nice and neat.

Slicked bun and braids

For some of us, slicked-back buns are better in theory than in practice, which is a shame since they really are one of the best hairstyles for humid days. If you want to make your slicked bun look a bit more distinctive and give it a bit of oomph, braids will do the trick. This style is especially great if you prefer to have some face-framing pieces. However, unlike regular bangs or loose face-framing pieces, braids keep frizz at bay. You can make these braids look smooth with hairspray or hair oil without making your hair look too greasy overall.

Half-up, half-down pigtails

Of course, humid weather doesn't mean you have to wear your hair up. But you will probably be more comfortable with your hair out of your face, especially if you're wearing sunscreen or want to avoid getting your bangs all sweaty. One way to still keep the pretty look of having your hair down while taking advantage of keeping your hair tied back is to do a half-up, half-down style. Half-up, half-down pigtails are extra adorable and a fun spin on the usual half-updo style.

Sleek bun

The classic sleek bun is a go-to hairstyle for all types of occasions. Whether it's because your hair is due for a wash day or because it's crazy humid outside, the style can hide all sorts of hair imperfections. The secret to a slicked-back bun is to use a fine tooth comb or bristle brush to flatten each hair into place. Hairspray or hair gel will help your style keep its hold all day.

French braids

If you have an active day ahead, then you'll want to keep your hair well and truly in place. The next level up in hold from pigtail braids is the tried-and-true French braid. This hairstyle keeps the braid slicked to your head, keeping every strand secure. It also allows all your hair to be out of your face, similar to a sleek ponytail or bun. If you need to keep shorter bangs in place or out of your face, hair clips can help.

Covered with a hair scarf

For some of us, wearing our hair up in tight styles just isn't an option. If sleek buns and braids tend to leave your head aching, cover your hair with a silk hair scarf instead. A hair scarf can go a long way in covering frizz, flatness, and also sweat — all the things you tend to battle on a hot and humid day. Plus, since hair scarves come in so many gorgeous colors and patterns, they're also a stylish accessory to add to an outfit.

Sleek ponytail

A sleek ponytail look never really goes out of style — it's just too practical and simple to leave our hair repertoire. Slicking back the front of your look covers up frizz, limpness, and any sweat or oil. If your ponytail is a little puffy, you can combat that with a smoothing serum or hair oil. And to add a little bit of personality to this basic hairstyle, use a hair ribbon to take the look from plain to adorable.

Loose braid

While tight and sleek hairstyles tend to perform well in humid weather, it doesn't mean you can't work with some looser tresses. For many of us, loose styles are just a personal preference, and a relaxed braid is a crowd favorite. This style will still help keep your hair back and hide any puffiness that comes from humid weather. While frizz is more likely to be visible on this looser type of style, it can work with the casual and undone feel of a braid. Any braid option works for this hairstyle, including a French braid, fishtail braid, or your classic three-strand braid.

Cotton headband

Some days, you just want to wear your hair down, no matter how humid or stuffy it feels. On those days, it makes sense to add a headband to give your hair a little more control. A comfy cotton headband is breathable and can soak up sweat when you're running around town. Its sporty look also means you can get away with more undone hair, so a little frizz or puffiness will still look absolutely adorable with this casual headband style.

Slicked bun with a scrunchie

Slicked buns have been in the spotlight for a while now, and it doesn't look like they're leaving anytime soon. But if you rock this hairstyle day in and day out, you might be getting a little bored with your plain bun. In that case, add a cute scrunchie for a colorful and decorative touch. Wrapping a scrunchie around your bun also adds a bit more bulk to your overall hairstyle and best of all, you can match it with your outfit.

Braided ponytail

A ponytail is a classic summer hairstyle, and there's a way to make it suitable for every occasion, from an evening at the gym to a special event. However, if your ponytail is still too poofy for your liking, try a braided ponytail instead. This style is so simple to do: Start with your usual ponytail and then braid it and tie it off with a second elastic. The braided pony is also another versatile style that you can wear to exercise or to a formal event, depending on how you style it.

Half-up, half-down

Versatile and pretty, half-up, half-down styles are a go-to look for many. The classic half-up, half-down ponytail is suitable for most humid weather, but you can keep it looking better with a few tips. To keep it looking as tidy as possible, consider using hairspray or gel to slick back the front. This adds a bit of neatness where it matters, even if your hair might become puffy or frizzy at the ends. A smoothing serum can help reduce overall puffiness; concentrate it at your ends to keep your style sleek.

Low chignon

The low chignon is another versatile hairstyle that deserves all the love — it looks just as suitable at an office as it does at a wedding. It's a true day-to-night workhorse that looks lovely on all hair textures. Best of all, since it involves smoothing your hair back, it's a style that will hold up to humid weather as well.