Embrace Balletcore With A Sleek Ballerina Bun

Pink-loving people who enjoy girly outfits should be happy to hear that the balletcore fashion aesthetic is still a significant trend in 2023. And if you prefer edgier styles, you should try experimenting with TikTok's ballerina sleaze look – a darker spin on the more traditionally delicate trend. Whether you go sweet and dainty with a soft pink monochromatic ensemble or edgier by adding an oversized or leather piece, a ballerina bun is a perfect hairstyle for any ballet-inspired outfit. 

"This hairstyle has been around for a long time! It's a classic hairstyle that has been worn by many in past generations, but I love that it's trending again. The finishing of this hairstyle gets updated as time changes; the aesthetic is more of a feeling and can be your own interpretation," celebrity hairstylist Lacy Redway told Byrdie. Ballerina buns don't have to be on the top of your head and perfectly tidy like you may see on professional ballet dancers. There are many ways to rock a ballerina bun and regardless of how you choose to do so, know that this sleek look is always beautiful and stylish. So, why not have a little fun with a ballet-inspired bun?

Wear a ballerina bun with a ballet-inspired outfit

If you enjoy the balletcore aesthetic and plan to wear your hair in a ballerina bun, why not flaunt a ballerina-inspired outfit, too? Try wearing a pink skirt, ballerina flats, or both in addition to your bun for a cohesive ballerina-inspired look. Between the sleek bun and the girly outfit, you'll look sweet and stylish.

Look as sleek as possible with sunglasses

Typical ballerina buns are sleek and stylish, so try making your bun look even more in vogue with your favorite pair of sunglasses. Shades exude effortless cool-girl energy; a pair of black sunglasses will add an edgy touch to your ballerina-inspired bun. If you want to look even edgier, wear the bun with a black monochromatic outfit for an ultra-chic appearance.

Add a headband

If you want to add more personality to your ballerina bun, try adding a headband to your hairstyle. The headband can serve as a stylish accessory that ties your entire outfit together, making your trendy ballerina bun even more unique. Whether you wear a thin, delicate headband as a subtle accessory or a bold, sparkly option for "Gossip Girl" vibes, a headband is sure to elevate your bun to new heights.

Try a messy ballerina bun

Unless you're a professional ballerina dancing on stage, your ballerina bun doesn't have to be perfectly neat, as we mentioned earlier. So, why not rock a cute and messy ballerina-inspired bun for an undone everyday look? It doesn't matter if the bun isn't symmetrical or if a few strands are sticking out, as these quirky details will appear fun and playful.

Go big and bold

If you plan on wearing a ballerina bun to a special occasion or event and want to turn heads, go for as much volume as possible for a dramatic look. The longer your hair, the more you'll have to work with when creating your big bun — just be sure that you don't make it too tight to the point where the bun looks much smaller. If you have short hair, consider adding extensions for a more voluminous bun.

Add a fun scrunchy

Some style trends of the '80s are still just as cool in 2023, so it's time to break out your scrunchies. Putting a scrunchie on over your ballerina-inspired bun will make it look even more on par with the bold vibes of the '80s. Consider wearing a pink scrunchie to fit the adorable balletcore theme!

Have fun with embellishments

Beautiful embellishments can take any ballerina bun to the next level. For instance, try adding a sparkly headpiece if you plan on wearing a ballerina bun to a special event or formal occasion such as a wedding. Moreover, consider playful bows or ribbons to lean into the ballerina-inspired aesthetic. Or, add a cute clip for a fun everyday detail.

You can't go wrong with a bun and bangs

A bun and bangs are one of those combinations that never seem to fail. Whether your ballerina bun is tidy or messy, high or low, a fringe will instantly elevate your hairstyle for a trendy, chic look. If you don't have bangs and don't want to commit, consider purchasing a pair of clip-in bangs to wear with your ballerina bun.