30 Of The Most Flattering Hairstyles For Round Faces

From Miranda Kerr to Selena Gomez, plenty of famous celebs have round faces and they surely taught us a thing or two about which hairstyles work best for this face shape. According to MasterClass, comparing the length and width of your face will reveal whether it's actually round or not. For instance, faces that are longer than wider fall into the heart-shaped camp, the education subscription website explains.

While everyone should always wear a hairstyle that they like — regardless of what anyone else might think — there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to round faces. Layers are always a great choice, and when deciding to get bangs one should be careful with their thickness. And no, having a round face does not mean you have to have long hair. There are plenty of shorter haircuts that suit round faces perfectly!

Whether it's haircuts that have taken over TikTok, like the wolf cut or curtain bangs, or pop culture classics like "the Rachel," round faces can pull off a variety of different styles and lengths. Here are some of our favorites.

A choppy bob

People with round faces tend to be scared of shorter hairstyles but a choppy bob is always a safe choice. The choppiness brings plenty of harsh angles to the face contrasting its natural roundness. The best part about having a choppy bob is that all you need to do to it in the morning is add some texture spray and make it messy. Southern Living claims that there isn't such a thing as "too much texture" when it comes to this hairstyle, and we couldn't agree more. 

Long sleek hair with a middle part

Long hair looks incredible on most people, but not everyone is a fan of having to style long hair. If you have naturally straight hair, opt for a sleek, long haircut with a middle part, which, according to Elite Daily, is here to stay. (Sorry, Millenials!) The length will help elongate your face visually, and since your hair is naturally straight, you won't have to do much. If your hair is frizzy, applying anti-frizz gel should smooth it out quickly in the mornings.

The Rachel

Because the famous Rachel Green haircut is so bouncy, many may believe that it wouldn't work for round faces. However, having it on slightly longer hair — think Rachel during Season 3 of "Friends" — works perfectly on anyone with a round face, as it elongates while also giving volume. All Things Hair called The Rachel the most replicated '90s haircut for a reason!

A pixie haircut

A pixie haircut might sound scary for someone with a round face, but the right pixie haircut can do wonders for one's face. Choosing a pixie haircut that has height on top and a couple of longer face-framing pieces is the way to go. The best part about a short haircut is that it's very low-maintenance, but one still has plenty of options on how to style it (via The Right Hairstyles). 

Curtain bangs

Most people with a round face tend to stray away from bangs but they don't have to. Think Selena Gomez: flowy curtain bangs are perfectly framing her face and they are making it appear more oval. According to Mane Addicts, the perfect curtain bangs for a round face are "thin, wispy, and textured."

The wolf cut

Just like curtain bangs, it seems like the wolf cut is here to stay. Per Oprah Daily, the wolf cut is the ultimate hybrid haircut that early mullets could have never seen coming, and because it is supposed to look messy, it is also low maintenance. You basically just wake up, and your hair is already styled!

Angled A-line bob

A bob haircut can easily make a round face appear even rounder, but an angled one tends to help elongate the face and add some edginess to a rather sleek hairstyle. According to Hair Adviser, a bob haircut is also a great option for anyone who has thin hair, as it helps create root volume.

A low bun wit face-framing pieces

The 'clean girl' look has been trending for a while and the main hairstyle associated with it is a sleek bun with a middle part. However, those with round faces should opt for a couple of loose face-framing pieces as those will help their face appear more elongated. According to L'Oréal Paris, face-framing pieces work for every face shape — but especially round ones! A low bun is perfect for second or third-day hair, as it tends to hold the hairstyle better.

Curly hair with plenty of layers

If you have naturally curly hair, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Keeping your hair long and getting some layers cut into it for dimension and bounce is the easiest way to rock your hair's natural texture. Next thing you know, you're 2000s Beyoncé in her "Work It Out" music video.

Short afro haircut

A classic afro does sometimes make a face look rounder, but luckily the haircut can easily be adapted to your face shape. Picking a shorter afro generally suits those with a round face more, and it is much easier to maintain. Think of Academy Award-winning Lupita Nyong'o's short hair (via Hype Hair)!

A high ponytail (optional: with a pompadour)

Anyone with a round face knows how quickly a slicked-back hairstyle can turn your face into looking even rounder. However, the placement of the ponytail itself plays a huge role in the final outcome, according to HelloGiggles. Putting the ponytail higher will visually elongate your face from the front — and next thing you know you'll be blasting some Ariana Grande because the high ponytail unleashed your alter ego.

Shadow roots

When it comes to colors, there really isn't a shade that people with round faces can't rock. However, if you are into the whole "my roots are growing out but I don't care" look, shadow roots can help visually add some height to your roots, making your face a bit more oval-shaped (via The Right Hairstyles).

Super long hair with no bangs

While people with round faces can rock plenty of different styles of bangs, they often look great with long hair and no bangs. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't have layers; just ask for them to start lower — somewhere around your collarbone. If this is a look you like, making sure that you grow strong and healthy hair is essential (via Good Housekeeping).

An edgy side undercut

Most people tend to think of short hair when someone mentions an undercut, but those who are brave will give this hairstyle a chance on long hair. Whether you decide to get one or both sides shaved off, this haircut will instantly make your face appear more oval (via The Trend Spotter).

Swoopy side-swept bangs

Aughts fashion and beauty have been trendy for a while now, and slowly but surely the most iconic hairstyle of the 2000s has found its way back: the infamous side-swept bangs. Now, before you remember your teen emo phase, let's make sure you go light on the hairspray; we don't want your bangs to feel like a helmet. All Things Hair recommends combining side-swept bangs with any hairstyle, from braids to a high ponytail!

A simple collarbone bob

According to Stylist, a collarbone bob is one of those hairstyles that suits everyone. The secret of it is its length, which allows you to rock both hairstyles for long and short hair. Apart from this, a collarbone bob tends to work perfectly with different hair textures, which means you'll need to spend less time in the bathroom fixing it.

Half updo of any kind

When in doubt, doing a half updo is the go-to for anyone with a round face. The mini ponytail (or bun) adds height at the top, and the bottom layers of your hair add length, which makes this easy hairstyle a perfect choice. Per Good Housekeeping, this hairstyle looks great on both straight and curly hair!

Wispy bangs

It's no secret that straight, blunt bangs aren't flattering for round faces; they only end up making the face look even wider. However, rocking wispy bangs is the way to go with a round face, as the forehead that peaks through them, helping to prevent the face from looking wider than it is (via The Trend Spotter).

Spiky short hair

Those who want short, hassle-free hair, should opt for a spiky short hairstyle. With this look, the top of your hair is left slightly longer so you can style it and add that extra height. Pink and Kelly Osbourne are two celebs to think of when explaining this haircut to your hairstylist (via Stylecraze).

Medium-length hair with root volume

Volume is great but you don't want it everywhere if you have a round face. Making sure that your roots have plenty of volume will help your face appear slimmer, while having volume on the sides will make it appear wider. Sticking to a sleek haircut and focusing on root volume is always a safe choice for round faces. Per Good Housekeeping, voluminous roots help frame a face's features.

Inverted bob for curly hair

Those who have naturally curly hair and want a haircut on the shorter side should opt for an inverted bob haircut with bouncy bangs. The shortness in the back makes this hairstyle easy to maintain, and thanks to the hair's natural curl, the front usually looks great without any touching up. According to Latest Hairstyles, an inverted haircut helps the curls lie on each other so that the hair looks more volumized. 

Updo with dreadlocks

A great way to add volume to the crown of your head and take some away from the sides of your face is by doing an updo (via Trend Spotter). If you have braids or dreadlocks, the updo will have a cool '90s vibe, and to transform it into a night-out look, all you have to do is add some statement earrings!

Chin-length blunt bob

Okay, hear us out: while short bobs can sometimes look round and hence make your face look even rounder, a chin-length bob can also elongate you, as it shows off your neck immediately making you appear more slender and chic (via The Right Hairstyles). However, if you are going for a sleek bob, keep in mind that unless your hair is naturally straight, you might need to regularly style it.

Feathered hair

No matter what length your hair is, getting a feathered haircut will give your hair more life and texture, which is great for those who have thin hair and a round face. According to BeBeautiful, this haircut was made popular in the '70s and is slowly making its comeback!

Asymmetrical lob

Because we're so used to symmetrical haircuts, an asymmetrical can quickly draw attention from the shape of our face to our hair. Those with round faces will always look great with an asymmetrical long bob, meaning that one side is a couple of inches longer than the other. Asymmetrical hairstyles are back in style, so why not give one a try?

Shoulder-length hair with loose waves

Shoulder-length hair is the perfect haircut for anyone with a round face and slightly wavy hair. Make sure to ask for a couple of face-framing pieces so that your hair's natural wavy texture becomes the hairstyle's focal point. Per Latest Hairstyles, a haircut like this can be worn with any hair texture.

Face-framing highlights

If you're happy with your haircut but want to bring some change to your hairstyle this fall, go for a few light highlights to frame your face (via All Things Hair). The dimension will immediately make your face appear slimmer, as the highlights will draw the eye to focus on your hair's length rather than your face's width!

Blunt shoulder-length hair

Shoulder-length hair is a great choice for round faces as it gives the hair plenty of bounce and lightness but it still has the length that elongates the face. According to Hair Adviser, straight-cut shoulder-length hair with a deep side part is chic and easy to maintain. The best part about it is that your hair is rather short but still long enough for you to be able to put it up!

Retro bombshell waves

If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, try rocking those '50s-inspired waves that will add plenty of glamour to your look. Because round faces benefit from side parts, go with a deep one for this look, and don't forget to curl your hair towards your face to get that Old Hollywood vibe (via Vintage Dancer). Extra points if you add a hairband to finish it off!

Buzz cut

Okay, this might seem super scary, but hear us out: a round face isn't something you should look at as a negative but rather something that you should embrace. In fact, a round face is cute, so why wouldn't you flaunt it? And the best way to do that is to pick a buzz cut (via Hairstyle Camp). It does sound scary to let go of all of your hair, but doing it can also feel incredibly liberating.