25 Luxurious Robes You'll Never Want To Take Off

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When the weather turns gray and the winds are whipping around outside, the first thing we want to do when getting out of bed is to wrap ourselves in a comforting robe. Okay, we want to do that every day, not just when it's cold. Robes are like a hug that lasts and lasts without any complaints. So if you're like us and have been throwing on a robe every day since the thermometer dipped under 60 degrees, we're sure you've gone through your fair share of robes.


Maybe you've been sticking to Walmart's budget robes or splurged a bit and shopped the mall for a decent one. But have you really explored all the options out there for what the world of robes has to offer? The styles, colors, textures, patterns, and materials of robes seem to be infinite and sometimes the selection can become overwhelming. That doesn't mean that you have to settle for the first one you see though. We've gathered together robes from all corners of the world — fabric from Turkey to Peru and styles from Japan to Denmark. We've got your wallet covered too with prices starting at just $28 for a customer-favorite daily essential robe.

How we selected products

To find the best of the best in every category, we scoured the internet, reading hundreds of customer reviews and diving deep into the construction and style of each robe. A robe that you wear each day should be durable, soft, easy to take care of, and, above all, comfortable. We made sure to double-check on all of these attributes for each robe and have made notes when a particular one doesn't live up to those standards. Some of the robes on this list don't wash easily, for instance, but are worth the investment in the comfortability and softness departments.


Something else to keep in mind — many robes are sold as one size only and thus making it a bit more challenging to determine if they will fit you well once you get them home. Some of the robes on this list have multiple sizes, such as our most size-inclusive robe from Girlfriend Collective, but many will have limited options.

Best classic overall

Made of 100% Turkish cotton, Parachute's Classic Turkish Cotton Robe ticks all the right boxes when it comes to picking a classic robe that will become an everyday favorite. Plush but not too overly warm, it's perfect for chilly nights and breezy summer mornings alike. The robe also comes with a waist tie, a standout feature as some robes do not now, and two front pockets for keeping any essentials you may need at hand — like your phone! Leigh Weingus, a product tester for Byrdie, even commented on the durability of the pockets saying, "I was able to slip my phone into them without worrying about it weighing down the robe and causing unevenness or even causing the robe to fall open, a surprisingly common problem."


Buy the Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Robe for $109 on the Parachute website.

Best budget full-length robe

For just $28, the Amazon Essentials Lightweight Waffle Full-Length Robe delivers soft material with a slight stretch that's lightweight and perfect to lounge in while getting ready for a night out on the town. With two ties, one on the inside and a detachable outer one, the robe can be customized easily and comes in sizes extra small to 7X! It's also available in 14 different colors, many more than most robes on this list, although some of the larger sizes are limited in color options. Plus, though it's listed as a women's robe, it can effortlessly be worn by any gender as the shape is simple and clean. It's machine washable and also includes two pockets on the front. The only downfall to this all-around stunner is that it's not as structured as some others are — but that can be a good thing too, depending on your needs.


Buy the Amazon Essentials Lightweight Waffle Full-Length Robe for $28 on Amazon.

Best budget short robe

With over 11,000 happy customers, the U2SKIIN Cotton Robe is a warm-weather staple and budget friendly too, coming in at just $30. Reviewers were impressed with the soft material of the robe, made of 100% cotton, and the bonus of the fabric loop around the collar — it keeps your robe from stretching when you hang it up on a hook. Unfortunately, the sizes are more limited for this robe but the company does make up for it by providing more than 20 different colors and patterns for each size. One thing to note: the patterned robes are actually 100% polyester instead of the usual cotton.


Buy the U2SKIIN Cotton Robe for $30 on Amazon.

Best lightweight robe

Easily wearable all day long, the Eberjey Gisele Tuxedo Women's Robe is as soft and magically relaxing as the rest of their lounge and pajama collection. Although it's only available in three colors, the robe is so luxurious-feeling that you'll forget to even consider the color. A perfect post-shower wearable, it also comes with a waist tie to keep everything tucked together and cute, but classic, contrasting piping on each color. A shorter robe that's ideal for lounging, it also includes hidden pockets on the sides so you can carry a few things with you. Last, but not least, the modal and spandex fabric combination is sustainable which means your luxurious gift can be guilt-free.


Buy the Eberjey Gisele Tuxedo Women's Robe for $128 on Amazon.

Best plush robe

If you're looking for that one robe that you can wrap yourself in and feel like you're being hugged by a teddy bear, the Frontgate Resort Collection Plush Robe is the one for you. Reviewers were impressed by just how plush and comfortable the robe is, with one raving that it was a "must for Christmas morning!" Coming in three colors and five sizes, it can also be personalized with your initials in multiple colors. The robe is lavishly absorbent, so it's perfect to throw on after a bath, while at the same time being lightweight. The cuffed sleeves and turned-down collar just add to its charm and it sold us even more by being machine washable. The last thing to note about this robe is that reviewers say it is oversized so there's no need to size up when purchasing.


Buy the Frontgate Resort Collection Plush Robe for $169 at Frontgate.com.

Best fleece robe

A very size-inclusive robe with options across regular, plus, and, petite, the L.L. Bean Wicked Plush Robe is seriously easy to live in — and we're only half kidding. Inspired by L.L. Bean's beloved plush throw, the robe is lined with the same plush fleece and even has a hood lined in sherpa so you can really snuggle in. It includes an inside tie as well as an outside one and is machine washable. The robe is loosely fitted and comes in at around mid-calf for most. With seven colors available, as well as the option of adding a monogram, this robe would make a wonderful gift for anyone.


Buy the L.L. Bean Wicked Plush Robe for $99 on the L.L.Bean website.

Best short silk robe

When it comes to silk, the highest quality you can get is mulberry silk — which is what the Fishers Finery Women's 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Mid-Length Robe with Pockets is made of. Available in eight different colors and the standard extra small to extra large sizes, the luxurious robe is breathable, cool to the touch, and even machine washable! Generally, silk is pretty picky to be washed and tends to lose its structure the more that it is, but the Fisher's Finery robe stood up to multiple washes, according to testers and reviewers. It comes with its own mesh bag as well so the washing process is even more convenient and easy. There's an inner and outer tie and the outer tie is attached to the back so you never have to worry about losing it. The one caveat to this $139 wonder? Reviewers lamented that the robe doesn't stay closed too well since the silk material is pretty slippery.


Buy Fishers Finery Women's 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Mid-Length Robe with Pockets for $139 on Amazon.

Best long silk robe

If you're looking for a robe that will have you stand out from the rest, look no further than the Maxi Tumaini Silk Robe from Prayers & Plans. Handcrafted in Nigeria, it comes in three colors — black, Mexican pink, and mustard — and multiple sizes including lengths for petite and tall. The style of the robe is reminiscent of the classic nightgown and has halfway split sleeves. The material is not strictly silk, instead, it is a silk and satin blend, but the comfortability and softness of the robe don't leave anything to be desired. The robe also features a detachable tie belt and hidden side pockets. It does need more special care to be washed, as it should be hand washed or dry cleaned only.


Buy the Maxi Tumaini Silk Robe for $193 on the Prayers & Plans website.

Best waffle knit robe

If comfort is more important to you than fashion, consider the ultra-versatile Organic Turkish Waffle Robe from Quince. Soft and made of durable materials, the waffle robe is not scratchy or uncomfortable but it does lose some points in the size and color range department. If you're not too picky about having a certain color (only white, ivory, silver, and gray are available), then the waffle robe will be a nice one to have in your closet for year-round wear as it is just plushy enough for colder days but not too overbearing for when it's warm out. Reviewers were a bit disappointed that the robe doesn't stay closed too well and it's bulkier than most to maneuver around in but were impressed with the feel of the 100% organic cotton material. For a low-activity day or just lounging around, this robe is a great option.


Buy the Organic Turkish Waffle Robe for $118 at OneQuince.com.

Best cotton robe

Another robe made with 100% organic Turkish cotton is this little number from House no. 23 that is sold exclusively on Food52: the Super Soft Double Cotton Gauze Bathrobe. Although it only comes in two sizes, small/medium and large/extra large, it does come in eight different colors and the material is so luxuriously soft that you'll want to live in it all day. Two layers of hand-woven cotton come together with side pockets and an outer tie to create a robe that reviewers said, "completely exceeded expectations!" Another satisfied customer claimed to feel pampered and "almost swaddled" when wearing the robe and many commented on just how pretty the colors of the robe are.


Buy the Super Soft Double Cotton Gauze Bathrobe for $128 on the Food52 website.

Best linen robe

A second stunner exclusively on Food52 comes from the Block Shop, in the form of its Hand Block Printed Linen Robe. If you're a lover of color, look no further for your robe — although it only comes in two patterns, neither one disappoints the eyes in its vibrance. The robes are available in four sizes, are made of 100% Belgian linen, and are printed by fifth-generation masters of print in Jaipur, India. Each housecoat is also printed with AZO-free and non-toxic paints and that combined with the company's commitment to sustainability and ethical labor makes this robe not just a statement for your closet but for your lifestyle.


Buy the Hand Block Printed Linen Robe for $195 at Food52.com.

Best hooded robe

Although there are one or two other robes on this list with a hood, the Coziest Sherpa Robe from Pottery Barn tops them by being the softest of them all. In three neutral colors and four sizes, the Sherpa Robe is fully lined in sherpa and designed to be non-toxic by being free of over 350 harmful substances so you can rest easy in your home. The robe also includes side pockets and a fabric loop to hang up your robe whenever you're not in it (but when is that going to be, right?). It's easy to take care of being machine washable and dryable and it's also a steal at only $79. Plus you can also add in the matching slippers and be wonderfully toasty all winter long.


Buy the Coziest Sherpa Robe for $79 on the Pottery Barn website.

Best absorbent robe

Some of the robes on this list are meant for wearing when you're wet while others, like silk, are more fashionable than comfortable. None are more absorbent than the Super Plus Robe from Brooklinen though. The robe is like an extension of your bed, as one reviewer put it, and its absorbency comes from the fact that it's so plush and made of 100% Turkish cotton that's OEKO-TEX Certified. It comes in nine different colors with a shawl collar and pockets to boot. Reviewers were only dissatisfied with the fact that the robe was so thick as to make it hard to move around in as well as having extra long arms — although testers did make note of the fact that the arms stayed put when you rolled them up, unlike other robes.


Buy the Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe for $99 at Brooklinen.com.

Best jersey robe

Year-round wear of the Natori Shangri La Long Robe is easy to achieve due to its modal jersey fabric that's comfortable and breathable. The ankle length of the robe as well as its kimono-style sleeves make it sophisticated enough for anyone and the seven color choices and six sizing options mean that it is also easy to customize. The belt also has hidden side pockets and a belt closure which is held in place by belt loops around the waist. Reviewers exalted the robe's perfect length in both sleeves and otherwise but made note of the fact that it was the perfect length for those of petite size, so keep in mind that taller individuals might potentially find it short.


Buy the Natori Shangri La Long Robe for $98 on Amazon.

Best eco-friendly robe

There's good reason Parachute has more than one robe on this list — not only does the company make incredibly comfortable and inclusive pieces but it's also committed to sustainability and is a carbon-neutral shipping company. If the Classic Turkish Cotton Robe is too plushy or hot for you, consider giving the Cloud Cotton Robe a try. In seven muted colors, the robe is a four-ply gauze made 100% of Turkish cotton and Oeko-Tex certified. It's also pretty size inclusive with a range from extra small to 3X. Two hidden side pockets and a snug waist tie complete the look on this classic bathrobe you can wear year-round.


Buy the Cloud Cotton Robe for $109 at ParachuteHome.com.

Best patterned robe

If the plain and simple isn't your thing, consider Dusen & Dusen Stripe Cotton Terry Robe as your go-to for a pop of color and a pattern that is sure to wake you up in the morning. Available in three bold pattern colors named Grapefruit, Cantaloupe, and Passion Fruit, this robe is anything but boring. The exterior and interior are also different colored stripes, with the waist tie matching the interior, and the robe includes a shawl collar. Made of 100% cotton and machine washable, it's a robe that is sure to not only keep you cozy and warm but delight your fashion sense.


Buy the Dusen & Dusen Stripe Cotton Terry Robe for $138 at Nordstrom.com.

Best lounge robe

Gender neutral and only available in two sizes, the Offhours Homecoat might not seem like it has a lot to offer but you'd be wrong. In eight different color patterns with names like Michelangelo and Affogato, not only is the homecoat ultra comfortable due to the combination of materials — French Terry cotton on the inside, cotton jersey on the inside, and filled with recycled polyester quilting — but it's machine washable and reviewers rave about it. Not only did some call it a "work of art" but others have praised the homecoat's ability to not only be warm and cuddly but easily practical as well. If you're ready to shell out close to $300 for this robe, you definitely won't be disappointed.


Buy the Offhours Homecoat for $295 on the Offhours website.

Best size-inclusive robe

It's usually the case that many robes will come in just a few sizes, even when there are multiple colors available. If you're looking for something that's a little bit smaller or bigger than the "standard," look no further than the Dawn Dream Robe from Girlfriend Collective. To top it off, the Dawn Robe is sustainably made from recycled cotton and Tencel Modal. It comes in six colors and 11 different sizes from an extra-extra small to a 6XL. Included are a waist tie and two front pockets and the robe tends to fall right around the knees for most people. It's easy to take care of too as the robe is machine-washable and lays flat to dry. All-in-all, it's a warm-weather staple that is sure to be your next favorite.


Buy the Dawn Dream Robe for $98 from Girlfriend.com.

Best luxe cashmere robe

Aside from silk, the best bet for an ultra-luxurious robe that will last you a long time is one made of cashmere. The Naked Cashmere Ynes Robe ticks those boxes and more. In seven colors and three sizes, the robe boasts 660 grams of pure cashmere in a 5-gauge knit, and while it can be dry cleaned, it can also be washed at home by hand in cold water. There is a removable front tie and two patch pockets and despite cashmere being a warm material, it's also very light which means you'll have more freedom of movement with this robe than with others that would keep you equally warm. The robe also features extra long sleeves so you can wrap your fingers around them and the overall length of it (just below the knees) means it won't get in your way.


Buy the Naked Cashmere Ynes Robe for $395 on NakedCashmere.com.

Best budget cashmere robe

Now if that last dollar amount gave you sticker shock, don't think you can't own a cashmere robe. Although it doesn't feature as many colors as the Naked Cashmere robe, the Quince Mongolian Cashmere Robe comes in at only $169 and is just as comfortable. In all other aspects it's almost identical to the previous choice — tie waist belt, two front pockets, just below knee length, three sizes, and just as soft. Reviewers were not disappointed, raving about the weight of the robe being just right and commenting on the quality of the cashmere at the price point.


Buy the Quince Mongolian Cashmere Robe for $169 at OneQuince.com.

Best blanket robe

The Casper brand is better known for its mattresses and pillows but its Snoozewear Blanket Robe is basically an extension of that. The brand claims that just because you have to get up, "your bed doesn't have to leave you." The loose, almost cape-like robe is available in three colors and sizes and is made of a 100% cotton outer layer that's stuffed with polyester filling. It is machine-washable but it must be line-dried. To keep to its blanket-like style, the robe doesn't include a waist tie and you're instead encouraged to wrap yourself up in it, just like you would your regular blanket. It's just a lot easier to maneuver around with this robe than if you were dragging your king-sized duvet around with you.


Buy the Snoozewear Blanket Robe for $169 on the Casper website.

Best hotel-feel robe

If you're craving the atmosphere of a luxury hotel, complete with their complementary robes, then wrap yourself up in the FluffCo Hotel Robe. High-quality for just $99, FluffCo designed their robe with a plush interior lining to complement the microfiber cotton exterior. The gray piping ties it all together tastefully. Although it only comes in one color and two sizes, the robe is the perfect touch to turn your personal bathroom into a boutique hotel spa. The robe was created with research from hotels that searched for the perfect style and material for a robe and banked on its durability and comfort. Bonus? It's also machine washable.


Buy the FluffCo Hotel Robe for $99 on the FluffCo website.

Best bamboo robe

Bamboo has become something of a superstar in recent years due to the wonderfully soft and comfortable material that can be made of it. Cozy Earth takes that material and transforms it into one of the best robes on the market. The Stretch-Knit Bamboo Kimono Robe is made of breathable stretch-knit fabric which is perfect for covering up and lounging in. It features both an inside and outside tie, which allows you to customize your coverage, and hidden side pockets complete the look. The robe is generously sized (it will sit loosely on the body) and comes in seven sizes and three colors. You can even try the robe out for 100 nights, risk-free, before committing fully to it. If you don't like it, you can send it back.


Buy the Stretch-Knit Bamboo Kimono Robe for $130 from CozyEarth.com.

Best kimono robe

Kim+Ono has created not just a simple kimono robe but one that you can show off and be fashionably proud of. In 25 striking patterns and colors, you'll have a hard time picking just one of the Kim+Ono Charmeuse Kimono Robes. The robe's downfall is that it only comes in one size so petite individuals might find it too long and some might find it too restricting. The robe is made of 22mm Charmeuse and includes both inner and outer ties. It also makes use of loops to keep your belt in place easier. The robe also has loose, long (but not cover-your-fingertips-long) sleeves, and two slits on either side of the robe that end about knee-high. If you're looking for a statement piece, we can't find a better choice.


Buy the Kim+Ono Charmeuse Kimono Robe Long for $150 on the Kim+Ono.

Best satin robe

The Nordstrom Velveteen Trim Satin Robe is not only a standout for its price (a mere $79 for a luxury robe) but for its pattern. Available in black or the beautiful Navy Peacoat Paisley Floral pattern, this robe delivers not just in colors but in the glam look that you'll be channeling when wearing it. Three-quarter sleeves and a shawl collar give this robe a romantic feel and the removable waist tie, in the same color as the edging, makes it easy to slip in or out of. It also includes hidden side pockets and the reviewers made note of its nice construction and that it was true to size (sizing ranges from extra small to large).


Buy the Nordstrom Velveteen Trim Satin Robe for $79 on Nordstrom.com.