Stylish Outfit Inspo That Won't Make You Scared To Try The Low-Rise Pant Trend

Low-rise pants were the one Y2K trend whose return most people were dreading. Once the go-to rise for celebrities like Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears, the trend slowly disappeared in the 2010s. High-waisted pants have dominated the pants game for the past several years, due to their flattering fit. Now, high-waisted jeans are leaving the spotlight, and, once again, low-rise is back. Our favorite denim brands offered few to no low-rise options just last year, but now are offering a plethora of low-waist options.

Switching to low-rise after so many years of rocking high-rise pants can be scary. High-rise pants gave security, sucking you in and holding you tight throughout the day, but low-rise pants are the latest trend that can lead to a super cute outfit. Julia Fox is just one of today's modern muses who has proven that the trend is no longer a fashion faux-pas (via Instagram). If you are still scared of the low-rise pant trend, check out some incredible ways to break into the trend.

Exposed underwear

Exposed underwear was a fashion faux-pas just a year ago, but today, the trend is considered high fashion. The look can be recreated in a couple of ways, some being more modest than others. Lacy, high-cut undies sticking up over the sides of low-rise pants is one way to style the trend. Another, more everyday acceptable way to style the trend is with boxer-style underwear that goes up higher than the pants all the way around (via Instagram).

Supermodel chic

Basic tops and low-rise pants have long been the uniform of supermodels. On the street, we have seen models like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid rock the trend. You can wear this supermodel street style look too. Simply throw on a low-rise pair of pants with your favorite basic babydoll tee and pair it with a pair of sneakers and a slicked-back hairstyle (via Instagram). If you want to throw in another trending fall look, try an elastic headband to slick your hair back.

Baggy low-rise denim

Baggy low-rise denim with a crop top is the ultimate Y2K look. Today, the look is still popular as gen-z has made "tiny tops, big pants" a trend. In fact, low-rise baggy pants were almost non-existent in fast fashion just last year, but now most retailers sell them due to popular demand. Baggy low-rise jeans are an easy way to break into the trend as it is simple to pair with basic tops and aren't super constricting like other low-rise pants. Influencer Addison Rae even rocked low-rise denim in a campaign for American Eagle (via Instagram).

Belt it up

Back in the early 2000s, girl groups like Destiny's Child were fashion-famous for their belted low-rise pants looks. The belt added a pop of glitz and glam to a traditional look. Today, this is still a great way to style your low-rise pants. Use a chain belt around the waist to create a faux belt for more definition at the waist (via Instagram). Not to mention, the belt can also be practical as it can cinch in any possible gaps when you bend over.

Pop of color

Use your low-rise pants as a fun pop of color! Since they are a fashion-forward item anyways, why not make them stand out? The Y2K era was full of fun pops of color, so colorful low-rise pants are nothing new to the fashion game. Often, you can even thrift colorful low-rise pants, due to how popular they were in the past. It can also be fun to color block with low-rise pants, which is also on-trend this year with the rise of dopamine dressing (via Instagram).