The Hottest Shoe Trends For Winter 2022-2023

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Winter can be a season of struggle, especially if you live in an area where snow, ice, frigid temperatures, and persistent darkness become extreme at times. In fact, according to Boston University, 10 million Americans are impacted by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — also known as seasonal depression — and women are four times more likely than men to experience it. Symptoms of SAD include fatigue, sluggishness, weight gain, and brain fog during late fall and winter and even people without the disorder can experience them to some degree during low-light seasons.

The outerwear required to stay warm when you head out of the house during the cold weather season can make it difficult to even express yourself creatively through fashion. Thankfully, your footwear can always find time to shine. Even if you need to don a pair of snow boots for your commute and then switch to something less bulky at the office, that's just another opportunity to bring yourself a little extra winter joy through the fun of fashion (via Fashion Journal). Here are the hottest shoe and boot trends that are emerging for the 2022 to 2023 winter season.

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They're back! Wedge heels peaked in popularity in the 1940s, according to Insider, and are now poised for an overdue comeback. Similar to a platform, a wedge shoe or boot features a one-piece sole and heel, commonly fashioned out of rubber or cork. The difference is that a wedge is typically higher at the heel and lower at the sole, while a platform sole is equally elevated throughout. Give a pair of these classics a try the next time you're after a high-heeled moment on a slippery day. (via Instagram).


Are you ready to get intergalactic this winter? Silver, gold, green, and every other color of the rainbow are being metallicized to bring this shiny trend to your feet this year. Counteract the short days and long, dark nights by bringing glitz, glam, and radiance everywhere you go. Pair with a metallic purse and bold jewelry for maximum glamour and mystique. Now, just try not to show up the beautifully decorated Christmas tree at your next holiday party (via Instagram).

Mary janes

Mary janes were once reserved for little girls and school uniforms. Then, the late 1990s arrived on the scene. After spending about a decade as the go-to shoe for punk, goth, and emo-girl aesthetics, the strapped classic once again retired to kindergarteners' closets. But, this year, mary janes are back again. If you once wore them as a baby goth in your teens, now is your chance to jump on the nostalgia train and incorporate these gems into your adult wardrobe. Ball chain necklace optional (via Instagram).


Is there anything more comforting on a cold and snowy day than bundling up in a soft, fuzzy sweater or blanket? Well, now you can extend that same coziness to your feet without sacrificing fashion. All things fur and fuzz are in when it comes to winter footwear this year, from slippers to moccasins to snow boots. Add some fleece-lined tights or Sherpa socks for the ultimate toasty tootsies through every snowstorm Mother Nature throws your way this year (via Instagram).

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats have always been a staple year-round, but this year they've decided to jump into winter fashion. If you're in a warmer climate, pair your flats on bare feet with cropped flared pants or wide-leg jeans. For those in the icy north, consider adding a knee-high or ruffled ankle sock for both warmth and style. A major bonus for those who live in snowy areas is that ballet flats are light, flexible, and easy to pack away in a bag for when you arrive at your destination and shed your snow gear (via Instagram).

Rain boots

Every season has a surprise fashion trend pop up, and winter 2022 to 20223 is no exception. This year, the most unforeseen trend in footwear appears to be the humble rain boot. Believe it or not, designer rain boots are popping up across social media as a must-have item for this winter. In fact, TikTok user @Oliviamaria964 posted a rain boot unboxing featuring Ugg Women's Droplet Rain Boots that have now been viewed over 2.5 million times. Pair with warm socks, and you'll have a fashionable snow boot replacement this year (via Instagram).