Your Thanksgiving Role According To Your Zodiac Sign

Be it your drama-obsessed great-aunt who loves stirring up more than just stuffing and mashed potatoes at the dinner table or your prying cousin who can't seem to keep her nose out of your dating life details, it seems as if there's always a role everyone plays at Thanksgiving. While the holidays give us the chance to see family and friends we may rarely get to spend time with, they can also present the perfect opportunity to peer a bit deeper into our loved ones' true colors. In fact, looking to the stars this holiday season could be exactly what we need to ensure smooth sailing from the start of dinner all the way to those post-meal spiked eggnog sips.

According to twin astrologers The Astrotwins, Thanksgiving 2022 appears to be looking positive for the cosmic world, per MindBodyGreen. November 23rd brings a new moon, ending a dreadful four-month retrograde and meaning each sign is going to have a positive shift in their energies. "With witty Mercury and playful Venus both in Sagittarius," the twins write, "Thanksgiving might just seem like it did in the old, pre-2016-election days."

So. with all of our energy feeling more unified and things returning to times more like memories of Thanksgiving past, what can we expect from each zodiac sign this holiday season? Whether you're an empathetic Pisces or a chatty Gemini, your sign is part of a vast cosmic mosaic that will determine how your Thanksgiving balances and plays out. We've rounded up each sign's most prominent personality traits to break down exactly which role you might be dishing out along with candied yams at this year's Thanksgiving feast.

Capricorn: the one keeping traditions in check

As noted by Allure astrologer Aliza Kelly, the phrase "if you want something done, give it to a busy person" is the name of the game for Capricorns. These entrepreneurial earth signs have no fear of discipline and hard work, and their value of tradition can show up in many unique ways, per What drives a Capricorn's sense of focus? "Ruled by the planet Saturn, which represents the limits of space and time, Capricorns are born with a keen awareness of this Earthly limitation and are thus determined to make things happen during their lifetime," astrologer Elisabeth Grace shares with Well + Good. "They're known for their serious focus, especially in youth."

So, how does this check out during Thanksgiving? Because Capricorn has a soft spot in their heart for all things family and customs, they're likely to be the ones strolling down sentimental memory lane. While all the younger cousins want to rehearse choreographed dance moves for TikTok, Capricorn is recalling the innocent times when the family played an annual game of Uno every Thanksgiving. Grandma always made the pumpkin pie a certain way, so Capricorn will have it presented at the table in no other manner. When it comes time to eat, Cap makes sure everyone at the table verbally states what they're most thankful for — a tradition Dad started years ago.

Aquarius: the passionate humanitarian

PrepScholar describes Aquarius as progressive visionaries, deep thinkers, eccentric, out-of-the-box, and artistically original. They could care less about the boring, mundane aspects of daily life. Aquarius would much rather focus on the bigger picture of things. In art class, they were the Pollocks as opposed to the da Vincis, and in science class, they were more like Shelley's Dr. Frankenstein than Doyle's Dr. Watson. In fact, according to, it's their eccentricities that push Aquarius to separate themselves from the rest of society in order to fight for the good of the world.

The ever-so-intellectual and existential thinkers of the zodiac will probably remain pretty aloof most of the Thanksgiving evening. They brought an avant-garde cornucopia as a gift — one of which they handmade from crumpled pieces of paper to artistically express their political stance against deforestation. After dinner,  while these brain wizards are playing with their latest techy gadget, all is well until your uncle decides to make a passive-aggressive political remark. After all, Aquarius is on high alert and ready to fight for the good of humanity. The living room suddenly turns into an election campaign room and this passionate air sign is fully willing to transform the dining room into a debate hall.

Pisces: the mediator

The Times of India explains that the two fish representing the Pisces zodiac sign symbolize the conflicting internal worlds of a Pisces: fantasy and reality. Because this water sign is the final constellation in the zodiac, they are able to soak up all of the other signs' emotions, feelings, and lessons like a cosmic sponge. Thus, Pisces are able to not only sympathize with others' emotions, but they can take them on as their own as well. There's nothing that brings Pisces down more than emotional chaos, so breaking boundaries and conflicts between others is at the root of their agenda.

After Aquarius darkened the Thanksgiving mood a bit with hefty political arguments and thoughts of existential reality, Pisces' natural psychic intuition and empathy can sense the lowered vibrations in the room thoroughly. Drawing in literally everyone else's emotions as their own feelings, Pisces feels it's their duty to bring all the good vibes back into the house. Because Pisces are drawn to artistic expressions such as music, per Allure astrologer Aliza Kelly, they may plan to lighten moods back up again with a fun playlist or some family rounds of singing and dancing — cue your aunt's favorite '80s soundtrack.

Aries: the family football game coach

Asking if Aries are competitive is like asking if the sky is blue. According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, Aries are fiery initiators who tend to focus on actions rather than on consequences (via Today). They're totally fearless and sometimes that can get them into some trouble, but that's nothing their spontaneous wit can't get them out of. Not that they care, of course; apologizing is never on their agenda, per Co—Star Astrology. Moreover, they're a powerhouse of a sign. "The sun is exalted in Aries, meaning these people are blessed with certain qualities necessary to be leaders and innovators," astrologer Emma Toynbee tells Well + Good. "They represent all that is newly born, are movers and shakers, lead-role actors, agents of change, individual and unique, pioneers, inventors, innovators, strong competitors, and fierce warriors."

On Thanksgiving, you can find the competitive side of Aries thriving at anything game-related. Once you get them started in what you thought was a friendly game of family football, there's no turning back; these guys operate with no filter and hot-headed drive. They likely volunteered themselves as head coach and have no problem making your 12-year-old nephew cry with snide remarks about his long-distance throwing skills. Willing to get down and dirty throughout the game, Aries will have Grandma clutching her pearls at such firecracker verbiage.

Taurus: the foodie declares Taurus as the "anchor" of the zodiac, and for good reason. This stubborn-yet-stable earth sign keeps everyone else around them grounded — that is, until their desires for the material world start to creep in. Taurus would rather be nowhere else other than the lap of luxury and surrounded by the most decadent of scents and textures, per astrologer Maressa Brown (via InStyle). Taurus are the ones wearing a $300 cashmere robe for their solo Netflix binges while feasting on imported Medjool dates from Morocco. After all, quality is better than quantity for the bull of the zodiac.

Since Taurus are so fixated on the finer things in life, food is no exception. This makes Thanksgiving basically a dream holiday for our Taurus friends and they spend most of the holiday drowning their senses in the delicate aromas of spices and notes of herbs. They're probably hanging out in the kitchen, sampling and testing each dish to make sure everything is seasoned just right. Their knack for perfection definitely comes into play here. After a satisfying and to-die-for meal, you can catch Taurus relaxing on the couch draped in a silk velvet throw with a $200 spiced champagne.

Gemini: the life of the party

Ever wonder who writes those jokes on the end of a popsicle stick? According to Co—Star Astrology, it was probably a Gemini. Gemini are ruled by Mercury, which is the planet responsible for communication; they shine with words and this trickles over into having a clever, quick-witted sense of humor. If you're ever in need of a party planner, Gemini is going to be your best friend (via PrepScholar). Their enthusiasm and love for socialization give them the greatest ideas for bringing people together and creating adventure and the best life-long memories.

Gemini probably had a tough time deciding where to go for Thanksgiving; their long list of friends can be hard to juggle sometimes. Once they did make a decision, however, they figured out exactly how to work the energies of the get-together. Their air sign buoyancy keeps everyone's moods afloat and their charismatic chatting finds common ground with everyone attending. Gemini are saviors for the more reclusive signs like Scorpio and Capricorn since they can chime in and rescue them from the vapid conversation that they truly dread. Gemini can carve away any tensions in the atmosphere almost as well as they can carve the turkey. This jack-of-all-trades has a trick up their sleeve for just about everything.

Cancer: the therapist

If you're ever feeling down, your Cancer buddy is most likely the one you call upon. Known as the mothers of the zodiac, Cancers will bend over backward to ensure everyone around them feels safe and secure. They're showing up at your doorstep with a tray of homemade freshly baked cookies after your breakup or assembling a care package when you're feeling stressed. "It is a gift to have so many emotions," astrologer and author Alberto Toribio tells Today. "To want to take action immediately. To feel it all instantly. The zodiac sign Cancer is a reminder to us all that emotions are important to protect and invest in."

Upon seeing family at Thanksgiving dinner, small talk of what you've been up to and how things are going is usually just an icebreaker for conversation. But not for Cancer. Cancer wants to know how you're doing, and we mean how you're really doing. And somehow, you're totally willing to share because Cancer's energy seems to wrap you up in a cozy blanket by the fire and gently pass you a warm cup of hot cocoa. They're genuinely worried about if you had enough to eat and what they can quickly whip up if you didn't. Because they have the uncanny ability to perceive the angles of life from different points of view than others, these hard-shelled protectors of the zodiac know exactly what to say to make you feel heard at the dinner table.

Leo: the one delivering the toast

When Leo is sprinkled with positive affirmations and verbal applause, there's no telling the greatness these leaders of the pride can achieve. Tarot expert Kerry Ward explains that Leo will light up a room with their charm, confidence, leadership, and regality (via Cosmopolitan). Notably, Leo adores being the center of attention and tends to get a bit fussy if they go too long without receiving compliments for their greatness; their thin skin punctures easily, sending their egos into deflation mode like a pricked balloon (via

On Thanksgiving, Leo will need all eyes on them. What better way to achieve this other than a toast? While it's a perfect way to stroke their ego, don't think these rehearsed words will be all about them. As natural-born leaders, Leo puts family above all else and likely woke up that very morning thinking of their loved ones before they thought about themselves. Not to say they won't express their love with a dramatic and flamboyant flair; his speech is going to be all for the theatrics. But beware: Make sure you follow up the toast with plenty of "wow, that toast moved me to tears" and/or "that verbatim was so good you should really think about running in politics" because an ignored Leo is sure to stir up some holiday fits.

Virgo: the one smoothing out all the rough edges

We prefer to liken Virgo to Sherlock Holmes: Just like the iconic literary mystery-solving legend, Virgo notices the tiny, minuscule details that others easily brush past or overlook. Ganesha Speaks highlights Virgo's analytic approach to life; systems and perfectionism come first-hand to them. For Virgo, spreadsheets and itineraries are a godsend and a golden key to drawing attention to every minute detail in order to achieve perfection. Need help getting your punctuality or finances on track? Virgo wants nothing more than to coach others in their ways, per The Times of India.

Try not to get too offended when Virgo serves up some honest realness about the presentation of the Thanksgiving spread or critiques the new stuffing recipe you found on Pinterest. Virgo's need for perfection can get them in trouble with others sometimes, but they genuinely mean well and are just trying to make things (and people) the very best they can be. However, this particularly comes in handy when Virgo's keen eye for detail starts picking up on things you may have missed. Forgot to light that one candle? Accidentally grabbed some leftover Halloween-themed paper plates at the store instead of turkeys? Virgo is going to notice and happily volunteer to run out and grab any last-minute necessities to ensure the picture-perfect holiday they envisioned.

Libra: the one dressed to the nines

Astrologer and writer Valerie Mesa describes Libra as the "Febreze-like plug-ins of the zodiac" because, like a Febreze Plug-In can enhance the overall look and scent of a room, a Libra's energy can do the same thing (via Women's Health). "Libra is the socialite," Mesa explains. "They're the glitter glue that keeps everyone together." Not only can this air sign keep people together, but they're represented by the scales because they are deeply rooted in the balancing act of all that is just and fair, per Astroyogi. Libra essentially operates on harmonious conjunctions.

Libra shows up to the Thanksgiving festivities with a handmade seasonal bouquet. Yellow sunflowers and vibrant orange daisies are offset by rich blood-red roses, while delicate billy balls and pincushions marry twigs of cranberries — Libra's eye for aesthetics and knack for harmony brought it all together, of course. Even more impressive is the way Libra is dressed: think the resident Kardashian of the family. Because Libra loves to celebrate holidays, this is their time to show out. They may need a gentle reminder that the day isn't about outward appearances, but once they can get past that notion, they'll be a needed socialite bringing others together.

Scorpio: the observer

Sure, Scorpio is the more dark and more mysterious sign of the zodiac, but contrary to popular belief, this isn't because they have some sinister hidden agenda to reap destruction on us all. In fact, according to Astroyogi, Scorpio's domineering nature can be attributed to their need to defend their true colors — simply because they don't trust others enough to handle these colors until they are 100% sure they've detected friend from foe. notes that despite their sometimes distrusting and manipulative nature, they are actually quite empathetic and loyal.

While most of us envision Scorpio on Thanksgiving lurking quietly in the corner of the room with a gaze icy enough to freeze the Sahara and an intent solely to plot our demise, this misunderstood water sign will actually most likely be sipping mulled wine with a group of cousins while listening to all the tea and gossip. This isn't because they actually care about the shallow and superficial malarkey or are looking to spread secrets, though — Scorpio are actually quite trustworthy and faithful — but because they're genuinely curious observers. They seek to understand and read everyone around them so that they're always one step ahead of the game, which is a result of their need to protect and defend the deepest parts of their hearts and souls — parts only exposed to those who have earned their trust.

Sagittarius: the wine connoisseur

The best way to think of Sagittarius is as the wanderer of the zodiac, as reported by Their main mission is centered around personal reinvention and philosophical understanding, and heading out into the wide world is the best way to uncover the truths they seek. "Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of expansion," Aliza Kelly tells USA Today. "So Sagittarians see the world as really a place where there are no limits, no boundaries. Anything is possible." This is why Sagittarius will be the last one to leave the bar or the first one to arrive at the gym in the morning because every day is a new adventure for these archers.

Sagittarius is probably exhausted at Thanksgiving dinner, but you'd never know it. They're only in town for a few days, so they naturally have to make the most of it. They went out the night before for drinks with some old friends but still made sure to arrive at Thanksgiving early enough to help out. They recently got in from a two-month tour of Europe, and while they're wishing they were still there, Chardonnay brought back from the South of France as gifts for everyone will have to do. They'll likely spend all of the dinner jovially discussing the region's other best wine options in comparison to the tastings they tried in Barcelona.