Beekman 1802's Latest Collaboration Is Royally Good

If you are suffering from a lack of a "Bridgerton" fix, fret no more, as you can become part of the Ton with the newest collaboration from beauty brand Beekman 1802. In early 2022, the New York-based company revealed its latest collaboration with Netflix's hit series, "Bridgerton." This collaboration is filled with everything you could find in the world of "Bridgerton," with the care and quality that Beekman 1802 is known to have.

Since its release, the collaboration has become a success, with constant restocks and new products hitting the website at any given moment. With unique packaging inspired by the regency-era show, this collection is sure to be some of your favorite skincare products.

Beekman 1802 was founded in New York by Dr. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell. Quickly, this company has become known for its "farm-to-face" concept that breaks norms and brings kindness back to the skincare world. Opposite to the world filled with gossip seen in "Bridgerton," Beekman 1802 is all about treating each other with care. This collaboration is proof that opposites attract while also delivering fresh skincare that even Queen Charlotte would approve of.

What to know about Beekman 1802 x Bridgerton

The Beekman 1802 x "Bridgerton" collection is exactly what you would expect to find in the routines of your favorite "Bridgerton" characters. In fact, co-founders Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell explained to The Hollywood Reporter, "We are personally huge fans of Shonda Rhymes and love 'Bridgerton' for its opulent costumes, progressive casting, clever dialogue, and scandalous script. Ladies in the Regency era brilliantly depicted in the show are all about fresh, dewy skin with rosy cheeks and lips. 

"Our idea of Beekman 1802 beauty is pretty much the same over 200 years later," they added. "The collection is playful and sexy, but like everything else we make, it was designed to nourish skin so it's healthy and radiant and the envy of any Regency lady."

With only a few items in the collection, you can be certain that you are getting high-end quality. With the entire collection ranging from $35 to $50, it makes the perfect gift for others or yourself. What's more, the collection comes with various products that will make the perfect addition to a self-care day complete with "Bridgerton" playing in the background. Also available on QVC, you can easily grab your favorite product as soon as you want it.

What you need from Beekman 1802 x Bridgerton

Between the amazing scents, Lady Whistledown-inspired paper packaging, and the products' skin benefits, it's easy to see why many of these products have won the hearts of many customers. Fans of Beekman 1802 will recognize the high quality behind the High Society Soap Sets. Made of goat milk, these soaps are not only beautifully wrapped but will leave your body well-moisturized and healthy. With scents of sweet lilies and macarons and only at $34, it's no wonder this set currently holds a five-star rating.

For those looking for something more to the liking of Queen Charlotte, the Luxury Spa Gift Set might be more of your style. This gift set is composed of a 9-oz High Society Soap, 8-oz For All of You Whipped Body Cream, and a 3-oz I Burn For You Votive Candle. Each gift set also comes with a free bee brooch that you can sport during your next "Bridgerton" binge session. The set is perfect for those who want to try out the items first before going all in on full-sized items. At only $39, this set would make the perfect present for a "Bridgerton" fan. No matter which product you grab, you can be certain that they all embody the elegance and quality behind Beekman 1802 and "Bridgerton."