Winter Accessories That Are Outdated This Season

The theme for this year's winter fashion trends is "expect the unexpected." While we are, of course, still looking to stay warm, we want to make a statement, too. Practical fashion doesn't have to be boring, especially when it comes to accessories. Stylist and founder of The Doe Online told Insider that "accessories are the mother of rounding out an outfit." We believe this strongly, especially when it comes to winter outfits, as we are looking to both add layers to our outfits and show off items outside of our large, comfy coats.


Whether it is a decades-old trend coming back to life or a more recent summer trend returning, this winter's top fashion accessories will be far from typical. We saw no shortage of new accessories on the Fashion Week '22 runways, ready to be added to our closets. To make room, some of last year's accessories will have to get the boot. Here are the winter accessories that are outdated this season and what you should rock instead of them.

Knee-high boots over ankle booties

Ankle boots will never truly go out of style, but this winter there is a more trendy boot to rock: the knee-highs. Knee-high riding boots are the preppy staple this winter is craving. They look great with the fashion aesthetics trending this winter, such as "old money," "dark academia," and "plazacore." MyTheresa's Tiffany Hsu told FootwearNews that "the midcalf and the knee-high boot is going to be bigger than ever, with designers focusing on this height and less on the ankle boot."


White bags instead of black bags

We are often advised not to wear white after Labor Day, but what is the point of living if you don't break a few rules? White bags go with everything just like black bags do, plus they add an element of surprise to your winter looks. They also feel more luxurious than basic black bags. Case in point? Artist Sharon Lee Clark's uber-chic look, as seen on Instagram.


Brands are very aware that white bags are a winter trend, with Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Simon Miller all incorporating the neutral into their collections.

Ditch beanies for shearling bucket hats

Hats are essential during winter months to keep us warm. A traditional beanie is always a good option for a winter hat, but this winter, we are upping the game. Ditch your beanie for a "cool-girl" shearling bucket hat, as seen on on Instagram. This fashion accessory combines our love for the '90s summer hat with a staple winter fabric. Designer brands and fast-fashion brands alike are creating their own version of this fun hat, with one of the most popular picks being the D-Bobby Cannage bucket hat from Dior.


Balaclavas over earmuffs

Whereas earmuffs only cover the ears, balaclavas cover the whole head and face (minus the eyes), ensuring you will stay extra warm this winter. Named after the Battle of Balaclava, the headpiece was worn by soldiers to keep warm in extreme cold. The hat is still often worn today as a layering piece for those skiing or working in extreme conditions.


In fashion, however, celebrities are wearing the balaclava as a statement piece. Supermodel Bella Hadid brought the balaclava to the runway in the Proenza Schouler Fashion Week '22 show (via Vogue).

Trade mittens for arm warmers

We can't forget about the Y2K trends this winter. Trade your traditional mittens for a pair of edgy Y2K arm warmers. Whereas this trend isn't as practical if you will be outside for long periods, it is still a cute look for indoors. These are a great way to take a baby tee into winter or layer your long sleeves while paying homage to the early aughts.


Dua Lipa is one of many celebrities to try the trend, as seen on Instagram. If you are looking to keep it subtle, pullover hoodie-style arm warmers are also a great way to rock the trend.

Oval sunglasses instead of oversized sunnies

Just because summer is over doesn't mean that the bright sun will stop shining! Where oversized sunglasses can be fun and functional, we are all about chic oval sunnies this winter. Slim, oval sunglasses give off a chic and minimalist vibe. They are subtle enough to go perfectly with any outfit and stunning enough to stand out.


Hailey Bieber is a fan of the oval sunglasses look, showcasing them in an Instagram post. High-fashion brands such as Celine are known for their cute oval sunnies, but fast-fashion brands such as H&M are also hopping on the trend this winter.

Statement earrings over chunky necklaces

When it comes to earrings, bigger is better this winter. The chunky necklaces that were a hit in the past can get lost under other trends this season, such as extra oversized sweaters. Whether they are large hoops or long fringe dangles, big, statement earrings will stand out above the rest.


As it is with most winter accessory trends, this look comes in the form of a twist on old classics, and most of these bold pieces are made of traditional metals. Tanaz Shayan, co-founder of Shay Jewelry, told Elle that "it's definitely going to be a big, bold winter, but in fine jewelry, classic and refined never go out of style."