What Your Mars Sign Says About You

If you're only checking your horoscope for your sun sign, you're only getting a small portion of the story. The truth is that our astrological birth charts are made up of so much more than just one sign. The sign you know yourself best as is what's called your sun sign, or the zodiac sign the sun was positioned in at the time of your birth, according to Stars Like You. This sign rules the core of who you are, your ego, and your greatest motivations in life. The sun isn't the only cosmic energy that has a fingerprint in your planetary blueprint, however. Every planet in the solar system was positioned somewhere in the sky at the time of your birth, revealing ten other zodiac signs that make up who you are (via Astrology).


Out of the ten planets, five are considered personal planets meaning they have a direct star-fated effect on you as an individual, per Café Astrology. These include the sun, moon, mercury, venus, and mars. Knowing your personal planets is pivotal in getting the full bird's eye view story of who you are. Your mars sign is especially important in understanding how you navigate through life.

It represents warrior-like determination

The fiery red planet Mars rules passion, movement, drive, and determination, according to Astrology. Finding out what your Mars sign is could lead to massive insights about how you move through the world. Named after the Roman god of war, this burning red planet is covered in dormant volcanoes and craters, creating a hostile environment that lends its combative connotation (via Edinburgh International Festival). This is a planet of action, desire, sexual tension, and survival instincts, taking about two years to move through each sign (via Café Astrology). 


Encompassing the energy of a warrior, Mars beckons us to act with power, face challenges head-on, and be assertive and daring. At its worst, it can induce feelings of violence and destruction, and at its best, it helps us to get things done, moving efficiently without fear. Mars energy is all about enduring stamina, strength, and forward-moving achievement. Expert astrologists at Café Astrology define Mars energy as self-assertion and raw energy rather than creativity. Knowing your Mars sign could alert you to how you work through conflict. Are you more dominant, passive, or manipulative? Finding out your Mars will certainly reveal all. 

It reveals your sexual desires and energy levels

Not only does Mars represent our animalistic survival instincts, but its fiery disposition is also symbolic of our sexual desires. According to the astrology relationship app Lila, knowing your Mars can give incredible insight into your sex drive. Mars energy is primal and carnal, therefore it also reveals how you express your sexuality and comfortability in the bedroom (via Yahoo). For example, an individual with Mars in Aries would be a go-getter, fearless, and love spontaneous adventures with a lover. Whereas a Mars in Cancer individual would likely be passive-aggressive and need to feel safe before opening up in the bedroom. 


Knowing your Mars sign can be great for understanding your energy levels as well. Mars rules action, according to professional astrologers The AstroTwins, and therefore points to stamina or lack thereof. Do you love your sleep and take a while to accomplish tasks? Your Mars sign could be to blame if in a detriment or fallen position. To find your Mars sign, use The AstroTwins' Mars Sign Calculator to see find out where your planet of war is.