What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Relationships

Astrology uses the study of celestial bodies to glean information about everything from the limitless universe to our everyday lives, per Labyrinthos. These galactic masses traverse the sky and affect one another as well as create circumstances which can influence major events, entire generations, and the human psyche. We look to astrology in times of existential crisis. This spiritual science allows humans to glimpse pieces of an endless collage and appreciate our position in this expansive world, galaxy, and universe. The planets, then, have certain general meanings which rule bits of our mental makeup and help us to understand our relationship to the cosmos and vice versa. The sun governs ego, the moon controls emotions, Venus is named for the goddess of love — and the list goes on to include the rest of our solar system.


You can discover what your different planetary signs are by calculating your birth chart, which looks at the time of your birth to essentially capture a still frame of the sky (via Astrology). It highlights the positioning of each planet and records the corresponding astrological signs, which are linked to different traits that make up who you are. According to Cafe Astrology, figuring out your sun, moon, and Venus signs can help guide you in different parts of your life, including your relationships.

All about Venus

Once you uncover your Venus sign, you'll know which general traits tend to interact with this fan-favorite planet. It represents the goddess of love, a luscious energy of abundance, charm, and fulfillment (via AstroSage). Looking at where Venus is situated in your chart can be a powerful way to dissect your personality. It's wild to think about something as large and distant as a planet impacting your romantic life, but astrology has a way of getting under the skin. It hits at something real, and learning about your Venus sign might surprise you in a good way. 


Venus governs balance and awareness of the most exquisite things, including your love life, per Astro. Your particular astrological placement interacts with this decadent aura to create your love language, dating experiences, and possible mistake patterns. This planet's cycle can help to explain certain emotional processes related to beauty and relationships. Venus' unique movements create another unusual phenomenon, a duality which leaves us with two different Venus types — Lucifer and Hesperus; the Morning Star and Evening Star. The Venus Morning Star position (clockwise from the sun) is associated with being more emotionally impulsive, while the Venus Evening Star (counterclockwise from the sun) assumes a less spontaneous, more intensely internal experience. 


Look at your birth chart calculation, and apply these descriptions of the two types to your specific Venus sign to get a full picture of what your astrological positioning says about your relationships.

Aries Venus

Aries, the cardinal fire sign, begins the zodiac calendar. This comes with a certain independence, both in life and in love. Often called innovators, Aries placements can be ambitious, free-spirited, and devoted (via Horoscope). In the context of relationships, those with Venus in Aries wield that same self-assured independence to seek out exactly what they want. And if they don't get it ... well, they'll find someone who has it. Tarot explains that Aries Venus folks are energetic with an intense energy that is captivating for those caught in their magnetic fields.


If you were born with Venus in Aries, you seem to be waging a constant war against boredom — you're allergic to it. But instead of breaking out in hives, symptoms of Aries Venus syndrome include snap decisions, suddenly pursuing someone else, spending money, and having an insatiable craving for adventure. You enjoy being chased during that early relationship phase when you're being wooed and everything you do is interesting. This doesn't mean you're incapable of settling down, it just points to a vibrance in love that can totally be matched by the right partner.

Taurus Venus

Taurus, the bull. Venus in Taurus people carry that same steadfast, solid energy that this stereotypically stubborn animal has come to signify. According to Today, those born with the romantic planet in this particular earth sign aren't usually interested in quick flings or one-night-stands; they crave support and faithfulness. It takes endurance, so listen carefully and remember to stay composed, per Cafe Astrology.


If you have a Taurus Venus, you may find yourself craving intimacy in relationships. Feeling content tends to take priority, while the grounded quality of your fixed astrological sign roots Venus' pleasurable abundance to create a familiar atmosphere with your partners. You may like to keep things the same and become controlling because you have the desire for a strong commitment. When you sense that your love equilibrium is threatened, you feel like you're losing your snuggly grip on the relationship. But change can be good, even for a bull. You'll always find a way to be cozy.

Gemini Venus

Gemini is known for its duality, a quality that carries it beyond the standard sun sign traits and into the ruling planets. According to Tarot, Gemini Venus people are always working to balance their public, positive self, and their darker, more reserved identity. This isn't to say that Gemini Venus people are poised to deceive in relationships — the two-faced stereotype is a bit of an astrology cop-out. Instead, this points to an intensely cerebral nature. Those born with Venus in Gemini tend to focus more on their heads than their hearts when getting to know a new beau, usually relating to people psychologically instead of physically, per AstroReveal.


If your Venus is in Gemini, you may have an aversion to lusty love affairs and spontaneous passion. You likely prefer to get to know a prospective partner before taking things further. In fact, your tendency to logically think things through has probably gotten in your way in the past. The heart doesn't think, but boy do you. Have you ever sought out a more powerful partner in place of an instant attraction? Or spiralled when your date didn't text you back (via Today)? Your brain may plague you, but don't worry too much, because that deep cerebral connection can be just as (if not more) fulfilling than a physical one.

Cancer Venus

When we think Cancer, we think of nurturing, bubbling with feeling, and maybe a bit of self sacrifice (that probably no one asked for). In the case of a Cancer Venus placement, these typical attributes begin to melt into Venus' luxurious, already emotional energy, squeezing out a warm, sentimental, loyal partner who will truly do anything for you, per Cafe Astrology. They are attracted to whoever has the power to pull them out of their shell. Cancer is the crab, after all, and if your Cancer Venus partner retreats, it's likely because they keep putting you first and you either haven't noticed, or haven't returned the favor.


If your Venus placement is Cancer, you might often find yourself skipping over pleasantries and going straight for the juicy stuff. Big questions and emotions only, none of that casual chat (via Them). Loyalty is high on your list of priorities, and you likely require a bit more affirmation than others in your life. This goes for everyone, and the people who love you should know this. You love deeply and desire dedication from both your partners and your friends.

Leo Venus

If the Leo sun placement has a flirty reputation, then Leo Venus lovers take that magnetism and crank it up a notch. Naturally romantic with little to no qualms when it comes to being an open book, a lion Venus isn't afraid to demonstrate how they feel (via Tarot). People with this love planet sign have a tendency to display their outward confidence (and their wallets) to boast about their relationships, per Astrology. Think over-the-top, lots of picture posting — you get it. Leo Venus people are as romantic as they are flirty.


What this indicates for you, Leo Venus, is a tendency to strive for attention. You're fiercely loyal in your relationships, but usually of the playful mindset, "A free drink never hurt anybody." People are drawn to you, and it's not your fault. You have a warmth and generosity that can both propel you forward and hold you back. Because you're so wrapped up in every partner, every gift, and even every Instagram photo, you might find yourself stubbornly not wanting to give up on a romance.

Virgo Venus

Virgo is a logical, organized, practical sign. Not the hopeless romantics of the zodiac, this Venus placement is more focused on taking care of their partners. They aren't seeking recognition or praise, but practice loving those worthy of their affection in private, per Astrology. They aren't flirty or difficult to please. But they are, however, devoted, and always want to help their partners to be better. They'll run errands and take care of life's practical bits, so it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what to do for them in return.


If your Venus is in Virgo, you likely have a bit of a lighthearted unrelenting quality about you (via Cafe Astrology). You jokingly scold with an undeniable air of love. This is because you notice the little things, your affinity for observation cultivating a caring relationship in which you can actually be quite sensitive. Insecurity may manifest when you detect too many changes in the environment of your relationship. According to Today, you desire a partner you can really talk to you, on your level — who recognizes your humbled romance and admires that quintessential earthiness.

Libra Venus

Libra's essence is rooted in balance. This cardinal air sign is actually ruled by Venus — something to note if you have Libra placements elsewhere in your birth chart — and longs for a peaceful life, per Horoscope. This applies to relationships too, as Libra Venus people possess an idealistic view of partnership that leaves them very attune to balance. This could refer to the distribution of power between people, amount of affection shown, and overall demeanor (via Cafe Astrology). 


According to Astrology, Libra Venus folks are happiest when a relationship is harmonious. And because they are usually the ones who notice a disturbance, they tend to attempt to guide the relationship back toward equilibrium without their partner even knowing. No confrontation, no conflict. Everyone stay cool. Your breezy social aptitude can sometimes leave people with an odd taste in their mouths. They're just incorrectly assuming that you're superficial. When you sneakily harmonize the relationship without your partner noticing, your anger may start to fester; but your care for balance makes you extremely considerate of your partner's feelings and experiences. This makes you both a great date and your own worst enemy. Balance isn't the most important thing, you are.


Scorpio Venus

If your Venus isn't in Scorpio, you're about to be either jealous or afraid. According to Tarot, these secretive lovers are the all-out vixens of the zodiac. This is an intense energy, and all too alluring. Being adored by a Scorpio Venus is a boundless, passionate, gripping love. Basically, it's profound and vivid, per Them. That's Scorpio for you! A fixed water sign, the scorpion is cunning, elusive, sharp, and fascinating. They will study their suitors and are at times difficult to read (via Co-Star).


In relationships, for all of you Scorpio Venus people, you usually don't mess around when it comes to love. You don't let anyone betray you. If your partner double crosses you, that's it. Potentially vindictive, your ability to see people for who they really are makes you a dangerous sign to scorn. But it's not all supervillain and scheming. Your relationships as a Scorpio Venus are rich with connection and deep, true love.

Sagittarius Venus

The archer, unsurprisingly, is known for being direct and unafraid of confrontation (via Today). This can be super refreshing in terms of starting a new relationship. Cutting to the chase helps everyone, right? Astrology explains that these straight shooters are romantic, looking for a companion with aligning values and pursuits in life. 


The beginning is great with you, Sagittarius Venus. The rest is too, of course, but your thirst for adventure makes for an exciting date. When you're first getting to know a partner, your romance is likely to be filled with vibrant adventures, good food, and maybe a bit too much spending. Those in Sagittarius Venus are likely natural performers and appreciate both spontaneity as well as thoughtful conversation. The Sagittarius Venus, like a Sagittarius Sun, is constantly seeking. You're hard to pin down, and that's how you like it. You like to be free, but with the right partner, they'll cherish that spirit too. 

Capricorn Venus

A Capricorn Venus, much like the Capricorn sun, indicates a pragmatic, goal-oriented, and highly competent partner. Capricorn placements are perfectionists with an intense competitive side. Co-Star explains that the Capricorn sun sign is constantly trying to better themselves, which is really saying something (try playing cards with a Capricorn). This quality can manifest in a Capricorn Venus as well. This earthy sign wants to look like they have it all together to attract a partner, per Cafe Astrology.


In your Capricorn Venus relationships, you probably aren't obviously romantic. Like the aforementioned competitive and pragmatic inner monologue, your romantic spirit hides within. Your consistency means that you don't ditch your partner in times of struggle, and aren't afraid of real responsibility. Your competitive nature can make you a little too conscious of others' perception of your relationship, but — not overly idealistic. You are an attentive partner, attune to making a romance last.

Aquarius Venus

The water bearer Venus creates a natural philanthropist, (via Today). This happily solo quality surprisingly helps them play well with others. When this air sign governs the pleasure planet, the Aquarius Venus pursues people with the same undeniable individuality, and likely attracts an eclectic crowd of free-thinkers.


If you're an Aquarius Venus, you value that friendship base — a foundation of really knowing each other — before entering a relationship, you're more likely to lust after a confidant. If you feel a strong connection with one of your friends, you don't see why it couldn't spiral into something more. You're more interested in mental stimulation than hits to the heart, so the pal to partner pipeline is probably a part of your dating past, present, and future. That constant "we" stuff isn't for you. You never lose your sense of identity and always strive to stay true to yourself.

Pisces Venus

Pisces, the fish. Pisces Venus people are intuitive shape-shifters, mutable placements that can adjust to the contours of their container (if anyone can even get them in one). They're flirty in an etherial way, per Astrology. The Pisces Venus presents as evasive — but always inviting (via Cafe Astrology). They detest rigidity and don't respond well to a tight schedule. Dating a Pisces Venus is surrendering to go with the flow, figuring life out as it comes. Which can be fun! These Venus signs have a sense of humor and always bring a lightness to love, despite bearing the weight of the entire zodiac on their shoulders.


In relationships, Pisces Venus people may often find themselves drawn to that savior role, addicted to hopelessness in both themselves and others. This craving can be self-destructive. Because they have trouble saying "no," their personal boundaries are nebulous, and they never want to cause anyone pain. It may look like you're all in — and you've probably said that you are — but you can't always be trusted. According to Them, because you're so selective when it comes to allowing people into your heart, when you do truly get lost in romance, a Pisces Venus' love is thick and unconditional.