5 Ways To Rock A Reverse French Braid

Braids come, and braids go. The first evidence of people braiding their hair can be traced all the way back to 3000 B.C. via African cave paintings (via Curl Centric). Since then, braids have seen spikes in popularity but have never left the scene. While some types of braids, like box braids and cornrows, are well-known as protective styles, all braids offer a level of protection while also serving as decorative. Classic French, Dutch, and fishtail braids are no exceptions.

Right now, the humble Dutch braid, also known as a reverse French braid, is having its moment in the spotlight. It is referred to as a reverse French braid because it's created by weaving the two outside pieces of hair under the centerpiece rather than over. Jennifer Lawrence, no stranger to setting braid trends, wore a messy reverse French braid to the premiere of "Passengers" in 2016, and the braid's popularity is still hanging on (via Huffpost). Tutorials from TikTok users like Alexamcmanaman have reached millions of views as people scramble to catch up with the trend. Here are five ways to rock it. 

Keep it classic

If you tend to enjoy a tried and true classic or you're just learning how to Dutch braid your hair, stick to a traditional single braid down the back of your head. Once the braid is completed, gently tug on each link of the braid, fluffing it up for maximum drama. 

Double up

Many beginners find it easier to French or Dutch braid two braids than it is to braid one. This is because the sides of the head are easier to reach and to see in the mirror than the back of the head is. It's also just plain cute and offers a surefire way to weave in all your layers. 

Add fun colors

Braids are the perfect excuse to try out a multi-colored hair look. Use hair chalk or temporary spray-on color to alter the hue of each link, creating a rainbow or a monochromatic gradient based on your favorite color. Your braids can serve as your very own unique and creative paint palette. 

Combine with messy buns

Can't decide between two messy buns or two Dutch braids? You can have both! Just braid at least halfway down your head and then leave the ends loose. Gather them up and twist them into messy buns, and secure using hair bands and/or bobby pins. It's the best of both worlds. 

Go sideways

If you prefer the traditional look of a single braid but crave something a little different, add some extra visual interest by braiding on an angle. The braid is created in the exact same way, just working a little sideways rather than straight down the center. Fluff and strut as usual.