How To Rock Rosy Blush Nails This Winter

If you're looking for your next manicure inspiration, allow us to introduce you to blush nails. Although this style of manicure has just hit it big on social media, including TikTok, it actually originated in South Korea. While this manicure is typically a gel manicure that keeps to about the same color as your natural nail beds, the difference between it and other manicures is that it also involves the application of a completely different cosmetic: blush.

The final result with a blush manicure ends up looking subtle but glossy, which makes it the perfect look if you're going for an understated approach to beauty this winter. Another bonus, depending on the manicure style you choose, is that it might not require quite as much upkeep. So, how can you style blush nails? For a relatively simple look, you might be surprised by how many variations there are on this manicure.

Wear them short

Preferring to keep your fingernails short (or being required to do so by your school or workplace) doesn't mean that you can't rock the blush nail trend this season. Blush nails aren't just simple; they also happen to look great on shorter nails, meaning this trend can truly be worn by anyone.

Wear them long

If you want to wear your blush nails long, that's also an option. We often see these done in light pink shades, but darker blush tones are also welcome. What's more, you're free to change up the shape of your nails to whatever style you like best.

Concentrate your color

Want your color to be a little bit deeper toward the center of your nail and then fade to a gradient from there? Your blush nail manicure can do that too. Here, the nails have their own personality, and they say that you have a spunky personality to boot. 

Add embellishments

One common way to jazz up a manicure is to add an embellishment of some sort, and the blush nail is no exception. Many blush nails feature rhinestones or other decorations to give the manicure a more formal look, so feel free to get creative when you try this trend.

Switch up the color

While blush nails are typically kept to a more natural color, such as a peach or pink shade, depending on the client's nails, there's no rule that says you have to do that. In fact, many blush nail looks have switched things up. In the photo above, the blush nail was achieved with a deeper red that makes the manicure pop.

Combine techniques in a fun way

Sometimes, manicures are all about mixing and matching techniques to find the right look, and that's certainly the case for this example. If you prefer to have clearly visible tips but don't want to sacrifice the rosy look of the blush nail, why not combine the two? In the above photo, blush nails were combined with light blue French tips to make a statement.