Mary Wojcicki

Photo of Mary Wojcicki
United States
York University, Vanderbilt University
Celebrity News, Reality TV, Politics
  • In addition to her work for Nicki Swift, Mary is currently the Assignment Editor for MuggleNet and has been a member of its News Team since 2014.
  • She has spoken on multiple convention panels representing MuggleNet, including at San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition in November 2021.
  • When she isn't writing, Mary can be found catching up on reality TV.


Mary is a freelance news writer for Nicki Swift and is based in the United States of America. She has been writing for MuggleNet since 2014 and Nicki Swift since 2022. Finding new angles for stories is always exciting to her. On top of her current educational qualifications, she hopes to pursue a doctoral degree in the near future.


Mary holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Human Rights and Equity Studies from York University and a Master of Education in Community Development and Action from Vanderbilt University.
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