Your Guide To Wearing The Melted Jewelry Trend

One new trend on the rise is melted jewelry — allow us to reassure you that nothing about it involves actually melting your jewelry. Neither is it the same thing as permanent jewelry, which also has seen an uptick in popularity. Instead, as pointed out by outlets including L'Officiel, melted jewelry is a chic look focusing on pieces with details that just make it look as though your jewelry is melting or otherwise deformed. From hoop earrings that appear to be dripping off your ears to rings that seem to trickle down your fingers, jewelry that looks (but isn't) more malleable than usual might just be the next big thing.

For some inspiration on how to style the melted jewelry trend, we've pulled some great pieces from Instagram to show you a range of different types of jewelry and how varied the melted jewelry trend can be in practice. From subtle melted pieces to kitschy ones, we're sure you'll find something to spark your imagination.

Wear a pair of melted earrings

Earrings that give a slightly new meaning to the term drip are one of the most popular takes on the melted jewelry trend, probably because there are plenty of ways to change things up by making it look as though gravity or other forces of nature have had their way with your earrings. While this look doesn't feature, say, dripping hoops, we love these folded silver earrings because of how unexpectedly chic they are.

Gemstones can appear to melt too

If you're worried that this trend is only for your metals and not your gemstones, think again. Many pieces of melted jewelry incorporate gemstones in some way, and pearls are a very popular choice. Here, we've chosen to show off a pair of drop earrings in which the pearls look totally melty (and a little asymmetrical), but you can look for options featuring your favorite gems.

Let your rings drip down your fingers

Another excellent way to adopt the melted jewelry trend is to do it with a ring — or a number of them across different fingers, if you'd like. As with earrings, the detailing on melted rings can make you look as though you might soon be coated in metal, as it does with this individual's gold-toned look.

Your body jewelry can melt with you

If you happen to rock piercings other than standard earrings, there's a good chance that your body jewelry also can melt — figuratively and in the sense of this trend, of course. Need an example of how to wear it yourself? Check out these tunnels meant for gauged earlobe piercings that appear to drip downward.

Try on a melted necklace

Whether you choose something dainty or want to go bold with a statement piece, necklaces are another popular option for melted jewelry. We've chosen a more subtle silver piece to show you how easy it is to incorporate the trend with an everyday look, but that doesn't mean that you have to. On the opposite side of the spectrum, melted statement necklaces abound.

Melted bracelets give a fluid look

Looking for yet another way to stack up your melted jewelry? You could opt to wear a singular bracelet or a set of bracelets to show off this trend. For showing just how understated your melted jewelry pieces can be if you want them that way, we love the look of this simple gold cuff bracelet.

Accessorize with a melted brooch

Though you might think of brooches as being more commonly worn on formal occasions or with vintage fashion, you can also find some that fit the melted jewelry trend. In fact, we think that these porcelain and gold brooches might just make the case for brooches to make a serious fashion comeback. They're not too flashy, but they'll certainly add a focal point to your outfit.

Get quirky with your melted jewelry

Depending on your interests and the look you're going for, there are plenty of quirkier options for melted jewelry out there. Some pieces of jewelry, such as the necklace and earrings pictured, are made to look like honey is dripping off of the jewelry. If you would prefer something more macabre, other pieces of jewelry feature designs that make the melted elements look like drops of blood. No matter how you like your jewelry, in other words, the melted jewelry trend is sure to work for you in some form.