How To Update The '00s Bumpit Hair Trend

If you watched television in the United States in the late 2000s to early 2010s, there's a good chance that you're familiar with Bumpits, plastic headband-like hair accessories advertised in countless commercials as adding volume to a variety of different hairstyles without the hassle — or the hairspray. Can't recall the commercial or want to watch it again? The company behind Bumpits, AllStar Innovations, has it on YouTube.

For a while, Bumpits were a hair must-have for many, despite being labeled one of the "50 Worst Inventions" by Time. Eventually, though, the accessories faded in popularity as time went on and people opted for hairstyles with less volume. Looking at some of the latest styles from the red carpet and elsewhere, it seems that Bumpits — like many other trends from the '00s — could have a resurgence of their own in 2023. We've gathered some of our favorite ways to style Bumpits that will update this trend for a new decade.

Aim high with a classic bouffant

While you don't have to use Bumpits to achieve a vintage-inspired bouffant style, you can do your hair in a similar fashion and make great use of the throwback accessories. In case you don't want to take our word for it, stylist Clariss Rubenstein Saraf told Byrdie, "I love the whole vibe of the '60s. I love how Adele wears a throwback look and Ciara rocked a voluminous updo with loose curls and pieces down around the face that was reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot — that was perfection."

Bump up your ponytail

Back when Bumpits were a new thing, it was common to see hair that had been styled with Bumpits and then ponytailed after the volumized bump. As an added bonus, the hair elastic holding the ponytail together doubled as a way of keeping the Bumpits from falling off. You can take some more inspiration from the 1960s with this crimped bouffant ponytail with a dramatic touch of glitter, the perfect volumized hairstyle to wear on a night out.

Add Bumpits to your bun

To keep from looking as though you've been wearing the same hairstyle since your senior prom, you're going to want to switch things up with your Bumpits to create the perfect bun. This side-swept messy bun has all the volume you could want without looking out of place for a more casual occasion.

Accessorize your bumped-up hair with a braid

If you feel that the Bumpits-inspired looks we've showcased so far are lacking a little something, you could try taking the approach that this hairstylist did, accenting a bouffant bun with an intricate braid. This adds a little bit of flair to the look and is likely to keep it from looking quite as dated as it might otherwise.

Make your braid the star of the show

Looking to downplay the volume in your hair to some extent but still love the idea of bringing back Bumpits? You could also bring the focus to your braid, choosing to style the length of your hair into a bold fishtail plait like in the look we've shown above.

Go for a subtle bump

You don't have to commit to the "go big or go home" vibe when it comes to adding volume to your hair with Bumpits. Instead, you can leave your hair down and keep it sleek but still add your Bumpits to give it a kick. This way, your hairstyle can look sporty and low-key, without being too accessive for an everyday look.