Get Ultimate Volume With One Simple Hair Hack

Hair styling is not something that comes naturally to many people. With an overwhelming number of products, tools, and hair types/textures out there, it can be tempting just to throw it up in a messy bun and call it a day. For those who really want to achieve salon-quality hair, however, the answer is often as simple as a tried-and-true hack or two.

Often, amateur stylists turn to a product like a mousse to get the volume they so desperately seek. Although many of these products can get the job done when used correctly, it is definitely possible to have too much of a good thing. For example, paraffin (beeswax) is a primary ingredient in many such products, and this can cause hair breakage over time because it builds up and weighs it down. This is especially the case for people with fine hair, who ironically are often the ones trying to achieve max volume. Fortunately, social media has gifted the world with hair tips and tricks from trained professionals, including one that is designed specifically to add volume to lackluster hair.

What the pinch does for your hair

Learning about the "pinch" is likely to be a forehead-slapping "why didn't I think of that?" moment for many people. The technique is such a simple (and, let's face it, obvious) thing to do! It won't add volume to a level reminiscent of 1980s big hair; however, it does provide the little bit of extra oomph that so many people struggle to add.

Stylist and influencer Emma Chen rocked many a world when she posted a video of her pinch technique to Instagram. Product purveyor Kevin Murphy says that the point of the pinch is to directionally style the hair, "to give off the appearance of a fringe." Murphy's site says this brings some hair on either side of the center part forward, which covers a portion of the forehead. The length of the hair remaining in those sections, however, fringes away from the face, adding a lot of depth and — you guessed it — volume to the 'do.

How to use the pinch to your advantage

In her Instagram video's caption, Emma Chen explains that the pinch is a great way to achieve volume, but with less product. She says that the pinch creates, "different shapes in the hair," which adds dimension to the style.

To perform the pinch, part the hair in the middle and add wave/curl/texture to it as desired using a curling iron or other tools. Then, when you're ready to spray it all down, use the thumb and index finger (or whatever combination of fingers works best for you) to pinch two small sections on either side of the hair part together. Lift the sections gently off of the forehead, and then blast with spray and release. This should allow the hair sections to rest on either side of the forehead. Repeat and reposition until the desired effect is achieved. Using this method, the hairstyle will likely strike the balance between casual and chic that so many people are looking for these days, making it ideal for work, play, or anything in between.