Alia Hoyt

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Atlanta, GA
University Of Georgia
Hair Color Trends, Anti-aging Skin Protection, Fitness And Nutrition
  • A lifelong hair color aficionado, Alia has spent all kinds of time experimenting with various trends, both at home and with professionals. From highlights to full color, she's literally done it all in about every hue you can imagine.
  • She has always prioritized skin protection and interviewed many experts about the best and most up-to-date ways to protect skin and prevent aging naturally.
  • A firm believer that beauty radiates from the inside out, Alia has written dozens of articles on the best ways to maintain excellent fitness and nutrition habits.


Alia made the jump to freelance writing after determining that a path in public relations just wasn't her jam. A lifelong creative type, she's found great joy and professional fulfillment during her nearly 20-year career writing for sites like HowStuffWorks, Animal Planet, TLC, Rent., ApartmentGuide, and many corporate and non-profit clients. She has also been published on Yahoo!, CNN, and Google Discover. Alia has always taken a special interest in topics that affect people on a day-to-day basis, particularly as it relates to wellness, self-confidence, and relationships, and she actively curates her client roster to reflect those areas of expertise.


Alia is a proud graduate of the prestigious Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. There, she earned a bachelor of arts degree in journalism, majoring in public relations.

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