According To TikTok, This Is The One Type Of Perfume Fragrance Men Love

Are you looking to attract that next special someone? If one TikToker is correct, the way to do it is by hopping on the vanilla scent revival train and adopting it as your signature fragrance. The claim may even be backed up by science — a 2022 study by the University of Oxford and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that, regardless of the participants' cultural heritage, vanilla is the most well-liked scent, ahead of peaches and numerous other delectable options. 


Perhaps this preference is because vanilla occurs in nature, as true vanilla is made from the seeds of vanilla orchids. The vast majority of perfumes, however, are made with synthetic vanilla. The synthetic versions endeavor to mimic the naturally sweet (but not overwhelming) fragrance. It's also possible that people who are already familiar with vanilla may prefer it because it evokes fond memories of beloved baked goods or ice creams. Whatever the case, at least one TikToker with a background in the industry feels strongly that vanilla is the go-to fragrance for drawing in men.

Vanilla fragrances for attraction

Tiktoker @oliviaolfactory, who describes herself as "your fragrance fairy godmother," feels strongly that vanilla is the ultimate scent to use to attract a man. "I don't know what it is about vanilla, but men go nuts for it," she says. There are many options, so even those rare people who don't favor vanilla can likely find something to suit their tastes and hopefully please the senses of others simultaneously!


That said, not all vanilla scents are the same. Some incorporate other notes to work with the vanilla, such as the limited-edition (and sold out) Kayali Wedding Silk Santal, which @oliviaolfactory describes as "a little bit like fruity champagne," or a floral-infused choice like Voce Viva Intensa ($156) by Valentino. Or, vanilla purists who enjoy smelling like a freshly baked birthday cake can opt for the surprisingly affordable French option, Vanille Bourbon, available for about $27 from Adopt.

How to wear vanilla perfume all year round

Many think vanilla is a scent only suitable for fall and winter. However, there are options for the warmer months, too. The key is adjusting the fragrance choice to be more seasonally oriented. For example, you could seek out a vanilla fragrance for the colder months, like Burberry Goddess Eau De Parfum ($168), which contains spice notes like nutmeg, clove, or cinnamon. Gourmand flavors like chocolate or caramel also make an oh-so-winter-appropriate vanilla perfume, such as The 7 Virtues Vanilla Woods ($88). Woodsy and amber notes are complementary for the season, as well.


It's time to shift gears come spring, however, in favor of a lighter vanilla fragrance. Consider an option with floral or citrus notes, like 203 by Bon Parfumeur ($107). Fruity scents, including peach or pineapple, can also work well with vanilla, as can green notes like those found in basil or mint. As any seasoned fragrance connoisseur knows, you should try some samples before committing to a pricey purchase because how a scent turns out depends on various factors, including personal body chemistry.