The Easy Hack To Fix A Run In Your Pantyhose

Chances are pretty high that your grandma and great-grandma wore pantyhose on the daily. That's simply what was done for a finished, clean, and classy look. Plus, bare legs were oh-so-taboo once upon a time. Now that pantyhose are no longer a fashion relic, it behooves the younger generations to know all about the effective hosiery hack that their ancestors employed regularly to stop unsightly runs. The best part is that it involves a product that most households have under at least one bathroom counter, and that's clear nail polish. 

A run, or "runner" as it's sometimes called, can get out of hand really quickly. Generally, it occurs when the hosiery is snagged by an outside element, be it a wayward fingernail, chair leg, purse, or something else. And what's worse than an unsightly tear when you've paired those tights so stylishly with your open-toed shoes? Thinner hosiery is more likely to develop a run, so if you're particularly accident prone you might want to steer toward opaque tights instead of sheer nylons. Hosiery with a denier number over 50 is considered opaque, and anything under that is sheer in texture and appearance, according to hosiery purveyor Wolford. Whatever the denier, however, a little bit of nail polish is all you need to get a run under control. 

This is how nail polish stops pantyhose runs

Pantyhose gives the legs a sheer, polished look that can't be beaten, no matter how close a person shaves. They also tend to smooth out any lumps and bumps, making clothing fit and giving a generally more suave appearance. However, they're made from a nylon blend, which is certainly not a sturdy material. Since people generally wear hose when they're out and about, this means that the fabric can easily get snagged or torn in the blink of an eye. This leads to an ugly run, which is basically just a rip in the fabric that "runs" the length of the garment if left unchecked. 

To use clear nail polish to stop the run, just paint a bit of it on each end (where the run started and where it's currently finished). Allow it to dry and then marvel over how the run stays put for the duration. The fix is so good that the affected hosiery can be reused even after hand-washing. If needed, simply dab on a little bit more for reinforcement.

Other awesome uses for clear nail polish

The reason that clear nail polish is so effective at stopping hosiery runs is that it dries quickly, therefore hardening ripped or frayed fibers, per iFixit. This stops the run in its tracks. There might be a little nail polish that gets on the legs (since this hack is generally administered while hosiery is on the body), but that will come off with the scrape of a fingernail or some nail polish remover after the pantyhose are off for the day.

A lot of busy women keep a bottle of clear nail polish in their purses or office for this specific reason, however, the product is also exceptional at solving other dilemmas, too. For example, if a chip appears in your car windshield, immediately put some clear polish on either side of the window to prevent it from spreading — that will buy some time before it has to be replaced.  Fraying shoelaces? Just add some clear nail polish and twist the loose laces back together for a spiffier look. With the rising costs of goods and services these days, hacks like these are true money-savers!