The Most Stylish Ways To Pair Your Tights With Open-Toed Shoes

Fashion is all about making odd pairings work. This style has dominated the high fashion runways for multiple seasons and has also been a rising favorite of fashion lovers on social media. Pairing open-toed shoes with tights gives you a fashion-forward look and can help you extend your typical summer wardrobe for a few more months. While you may not usually wear your sandals and open-toed shoes in the winter, wearing them with tights gives you that extra layer to show off cute shoes without freezing your toes. Who wouldn't want to slip into a cozy shoe trend this season?

Of course, staying warm in tights is another feat. The thin material isn't always the most insulating. The trick, reported by TikToker Elizabeth Fortmeyer, is to wear a pair of fleece-lined nude tights under your sheer tights. These will match your skin tone and look like bare legs while keeping you warm. With this tip, you'll be able to experiment with different colors and patterns of tights and stylish open-toed shoes.

Add a little sparkle

There's no outfit that some sparkle can't elevate. Tights with a little bit of shimmer and glimmer are perfect for dressy events like date nights and cocktail parties. They're also a fun addition to any everyday outfit. With this glittery detail, don't be afraid to have fun. Bring in bright colors or go romantic with ruffles and lace. Opt for colorful heels for an eye-catching outfit, as pairing pops with color to black outfits makes a big statement, or let the tights shine with simple black shoes.

Paired with platforms

If you're looking for that extra lift, grab your cutest pair of platform heels. Platforms give that extra height that can make your legs look longer. Wear these for date night with your partner or a girls' night with your friends. Pairing sheer black tights with black heels will make your legs look even longer, but you can also make a statement with colorful platform heels.

Opaque tights as pants

Opaque tights are the new leggings. You'll look like you're coming straight off the runway because this look is favored by stylish celebrities recently. Black will never go out of style, but here is your permission to go a little crazy. Try fun patterns and colors for something a little more whimsical. Play around with heel style and color to create a unique, fashion-forward look.

Embellished heels

If you have a pair of strappy heeled sandals that you don't want to leave in the closet for half of the year, you can wear them with tights. Simple tights are the perfect way to show off shoes with embellishments like bows, pearls, or tassels. Look for sheer or nude options so that the shoes are the main event.

Go for color

Black is usually the go-to when it comes to choosing tights, but there are ways to style colorful tights in a stylish way. With all the right elements, they can be a great way to look whimsical and help you cultivate a unique style. Using similar tones throughout the outfit and breaking them up with neutrals will make you look like you were sitting front row at a fashion show.

Layer with socks

When it comes to staying warm in the winter, it's all about layering. Wear your favorite tights and keep your toes extra warm by adding a pair of socks. This look can lean slightly preppy but in a cool modern way. Be sure to choose socks that contrast with your tights, and details like ruffles, lace, and beading can make the outfit more visually interesting.

Chill and laid back sandals

You don't always have to pair your tights with heels. Casual sandals plus heels can be a cute, chic, and casual outfit. Wear flat sandals and tights for your more laid-back days like farmer's markets or hanging out with friends on the weekend. Consider pairing them with cropped jeans or a pair of shorts for a unique winter look.

A classic fishnet

Infuse a little sexiness into your outfit with a pair of fishnet tights. This classic style can be modernized and made to better fit your individual style. For a cool, sleek look, pair fishnets with leather pants for a twist on a going-out look. Poppy colors like red and blue look great with fishnets.