15 Tattoo Trends That Will Inspire Your Ink In 2023

There's no better excuse to get that tattoo you've been wanting than the arrival of a new year. Whether you've decided to get inked for the first time or you're adding to an already existing body of work, looking at some of the year's hottest trends can help provide a little inspiration when planning your design. 

Like almost everything else, tattoo trends come and go, and experts are predicting that 2023 will see a rise in nostalgia with the return of some of the '90s' and early aughts' hottest tattoo trends. The lower back tattoo, also known as the tramp stamp, is seeing a huge resurgence in popularity, thanks in part to younger influencers who are embracing the look and taking back this once-popular style. "People just don't care anymore," Carisa Fitoussi, a Toronto-based tattoo artist, told Yahoo! Life. "In the last two, three years, a lot of people have been getting them. I've always loved them, regardless of the stereotype behind them."

So while you should always make sure you're getting something you love inked on your body regardless of trends and fads, checking out what's hot and new can help you find a style and design that you will love, even if it goes out of style. Tattoo artists are creating some incredible designs and utilizing new techniques that are making tattoos truly works of art. Check out these 15 tattoo trends that will surely inspire your ink in 2023.

Go minimalist

The minimalist tattoo trend, which typically involves black lines and negative space, will continue to be popular in 2023. Tattoo artist Moe Ricee explained to Vox Magazine that this trend is especially popular among those who "want something a little more subtle, that kind of just compliments their body, or it's more of an accent or an accessory." This style is the perfect first tattoo for someone who is looking for something neutral.

Tattoos that are oh-so real

Realism tattoos are just what they sound like: tattoos that look as close to the object they are depicting as possible. Alissa Jung, a tattoo artist who specializes in realism tattoos, told Insider she predicts this style will only gain popularity in 2023, saying, "The increasing acceptance of tattoos in society paired with the familiarity of the style is part of this spike in popularity."


Watercolor tattoos are growing in popularity because they're perfect for someone looking for something vibrant, full of color, and unique. These tattoos resemble watercolor paintings and are stunning to look at. Watercolor tattoos require a skilled hand so research tattoo artists in your area who are familiar with this technique if this is a design you're interested in. 

Tiny hearts

You're going to be seeing a lot of micro heart tattoos in 2023, according to tattoo artist Syd Smith. "I've personally been doing so many of them lately and I have seen so many other artists beginning to do the same," she told PopSugar. This trend is ideal for someone who loves the idea of having a tattoo but wants to keep it small and sweet.

Fine line

Fine-line tattoos have been rising in popularity over the last year and show no signs of slowing down. These tattoos are created using intricate, fine lines typically in black or grey ink; however, color can also be used. This is perfect if bold and bright isn't your style and you're looking for something a little more understated. 

Geometric designs

The combination of lines and shapes like squares, triangles, and circles make up varying geometric designs, which are predicted to be a big trend in 2023. The limit does not exist when creating a tattoo using geometric designs, which is part of the reason why these are so popular.

Hand poke tattoo

Another trend that will continue its popularity into 2023 is the hand poke tattoo. Unlike a more modern technique of using a tattoo gun to ink the skin, a hand poke tattoo is done using the same materials, but the needle is inserted into the skin by hand.


Whether you're looking to celebrate your four-legged friend, honor a beloved pet or simply feel a connection to a particular animal, tattoos showcasing any and every animal are very on-trend for 2023, according to BW Tattoo Studios. Animal tattoos can be minimalist or detailed in design, and they can show who you really are inside.

Illustrative tattoos

Illustrative tattoos are some of the most technical you can get, combining innate art abilities with expression and craft. The results are nothing short of breathtaking. Illustrative tattoos look like, well, an illustration brought to life on your skin and are going to be very popular this year. 


Micro realism combines two of 2023's hottest tattoo trends. You can still get a realistic-looking tattoo on a smaller scale with a micro-realism tattoo. These smaller tattoos give you more placement options as well compared to a larger-scale design, so they're the perfect pick for someone who might have to conceal tattoos for their job.


While butterflies have always been a standard tattoo design, Florida Tattoo Academy notes that with many other '90s styles growing in popularity in 2023, the butterfly is blossoming once again. The beauty of a butterfly tattoo is that your options are endless. No two butterflies are the same, so you can choose between endless designs and colors to create something you will truly love. 

Lower back tattoos

TikTok is once again helping to bring back this '90s classic trend; however, it has mixed reactions. Creator @okcallie went viral when she filmed herself heading to a local tattoo shop for a lower back tattoo, once known by the derogatory term "tramp stamp." These days, though, artists are creating designs like the one featured above for those who love that lower back placement. 

Cultural tattoos

Cultural tattoos have come a long way, with tattoo artist Jingxi Gu telling Bustle that they're rising in popularity in 2023 thanks to people's desire to showcase their heritage through body art. "[This trend] comes from people being comfortable with themselves, who they are, and wanting to express it in a permanent way on their body," Gu explained. Just remember that it's not typically wise to get tattoos of others' cultures, particularly when you don't know the deeper meanings involved.

New school tattoos

Fun, whimsy, bold colors, and exaggerated elements are the basis of new school tattoos. This style often features cartoon characters or objects tattooed on with plenty of character. While minimalism and fine lines are in style for 2023, bold colors and bright designs are also in fashion. This decision is where you show your true colors (pun intended).

Anime tattoos

Tattoos are a means of self-expression, so it should come as no surprise that anime fans are showcasing their fandom through tattoos. In fact, tattoo artist Julissa Rodriguez told Allure they've been noticing a lot more anime tattoos on social media. "I've been noticing a lot of artists that do anime tattoos are getting more attention," they told the outlet. "My prediction for 2023 is that anime tattoos are going to be more on the rise."