Outdated Ballet Flat Looks You Should Leave In The Past

Early 2000s trends have trickled their way back into the fashion scene over the past few years, with the latest being the resurgence of ballet flats. This early aughts staple has been made popular once again by our nostalgia for our youth. "I can think of so many tabloid moments, whether it was Amy Winehouse in literal ballet slippers or Alexa Chung in a pair of denim cutoffs and bright Chanel flats. We're all about mining that nostalgia at the moment," says fashion writer Tyler McCall to Refinery29 when reminiscing about the power ballet flats held in the early 2000s.

Though ballet flats are back in style because of early aughts nostalgia, we have discovered modern and innovative ways to style them. With their resurgence, we have seen them on the hottest runways and our favorite modern stars, giving us all the inspo we need to create new looks with our favorite flats. If you are looking to style the ballet flat trend, we have curated some outdated ballet flat looks you should leave in the past and their cool-girl alternatives.

Jeans should be straight fit, not skinny

If TikTok feuds have taught us anything, it is that skinny jeans are out and straight-leg denim is in. When it comes to wearing ballet flats with jeans, we happen to agree. Straight-leg denim is still tailored and structured, while also being casual, whereas skinny jeans often grip tightly around the ankle, leaving for a harsh transition between the denim and shoe. Instagram creator Sarah Solinger shows us how ballet flats can make denim looks more feminine as she creates a preppy yet casual look with classic straight-leg denim paired with black ballet flats.

No bulky hems

Where puddle pants may be trending right now, they are not a great option to wear with your ballet flats. Bulky hems or large flared pants will cover up the entirety of the shoe, making it look as though you are not wearing any shoes at all. If you do choose to wear looser pants, ensure that the hem is not too bulky and does not cover the whole foot. Digital creator Elle Bridge showcased how she styles ballet flats with bootcut pants on Instagram, proving that it is possible to wear wide-leg pants without covering your shoes.

Opt for shorter skirts over maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are a popular choice for a more modest and bohemian look, but this season, more grunge looks are coming into play. "Ballerina sleaze" is an aesthetic trending on TikTok that shows the more grunge side of ballerinas. Creative director Brigitte Crisp explains to Byrdie that to her, "ballerina sleaze is a contemporary evolution of soft grunge based around a character — and that character is a fictional, somewhat ironic ballerina." In celebration of this look, many style stars are pairing short grungy dresses and skirts with ballerina flats to play off the trend.

Choose pointed toes over round toes to dress up basics

A pointed toe is an easy way to add class to any outfit. Whereas rounded toes are often seen as causal, pointed toes are often seen as "dressier attire." Pointed-toe flats are much more comfortable than pointed-toe heels, not to mention, and they dress up even the simplest basics. Fashion content creator LookMazing on YouTube says that she loves pointed-toe flats because they are a dressier option but are still comfortable. We love pointed-toe flats styled with denim on denim, lots of jewelry, and a designer bag, as it adds a touch of glam to an everyday look.

Try ballet flats with socks or leg warmers rather than cap toe flats

Ballet flats with socks or leg warmers are more of a grunge take on the ballet flats, which balances off the ballerina sleaze trend. This trend can often be styled as a replacement for the preppy and once trendy cap toe flats. Where flats may have once been seen as conservative shoes, now they are whatever the wearer makes of them. Instagram fashion blogger Dyuvti styles leg warmers and tights with her ballet flats in an outfit that perfectly combines prep and grunge.