How To Get The 'Rich Girl' Manicure

Picking out your next nail set can be stressful because there are seemingly endless options, from the shape of the nail to the color to the design. A few nail trends floating around TikTok and Pinterest were chrome nails, gold accents with gold foil, and unique takes on classic French tips. But the newest style starting in 2023 is the "rich girl" manicure. It's perfect if you want something completely different from your regular set.

Designed by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, the "rich girl" manicure made its first appearance on none other than Jennifer Lopez's nails, which Bachik posted on his Instagram. It's a chic, minimal nail design, yet undeniably elegant. It's characterized by a thin, coffin-shaped nail extension painted with a nude polish. The essential aspect of the design is all in the color you choose; you typically want to go with a nude shade that's either one shade lighter or darker than your skin color. 

The trend has become so popular that other celebrities like Hailee Steinfeld have stepped out with their nails similarly lacquered. Whether you get your nails done at a salon or do them at home, the "rich girl" mani is easy to replicate; here's how you can do yours.

Get the right shape

Bachik created the "rich girl" mani on JLo's nails with a tapered-square nail shape. It's a classic look that can also work well on natural nails if you'd instead rather paint them yourself. Just keep the squared tip thinner than the rest of the base to achieve the tapered look, as although it might not be the perfect coffin style that can be created with acrylics, it's easy to mimic the shape.

Pick the suitable polish

Nude nail polish is arguably the most important component of "rich girl" nails, so you want to stick with nude shades that are at least one shade lighter or darker than your skin tone. This set by @giovani_hairdressers embodies the nail trend flawlessly with @kikilondonnailgel's "Pamper Me" dark nude polish. It's effortless, chic, and will match any outfit in your closet.

Lighter nude shades

If you prefer a lighter shade, like this look by @justanail.jv created with the nude shade in Vncoffee, you can replicate the look with Essie's Millennium Moment shade. A few other light nude polishes that are perfect for this mani style are Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Bare It All, FingerPaint's Tone It Down nail color, or OPI's Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey shade.

Light-medium nude shades

Some might prefer an in-between nude shade like the hue sported on this set by @kellididthem, which gives the perfect caramel shiny finish. There's one nail on each hand that's a shade lighter than the rest for a fun switch-up, but you can keep every nail the same color if you choose. For light nude finishes, ILNP's Soft Camel Holographic nail polish and ORLY's Coffee Break are perfect for your "rich girl" manicure.

Darker nude shades

If you prefer to have a darker neutral shade for a more striking standout style, then Mented's Brown and Bougie nail polish will give you the perfect deep brown hue you need. Another option is China Glaze's Bare Attack nail lacquer, which is similar to Mented except it comes with a shiny finish.