How To Incorporate The Romantic Ribbon Trend Into Your Everyday Wardrobe

Ribbons have long held a place in the world of fashion, and these romantic accessories continue to pop up in trends decade after decade. Since as far back as the 1700s when French couture idolized frills and silks and ribbons, consumers have eaten up the iconic additions and incorporated them into their clothing. Styling everything from tops to shoes with ribbons has become a regular "go to" for many designers, and the trend keeps coming back in new and inventive ways with the same timeless results. Fashion History Timeline attributes Madame de Pompadour as one major inspiration behind using ribbons as hair adornments, chokers, and embellishments on dresses.

Forward to the current century and fashionistas are still channeling these charming add-ons for their OOTD. Ribbons never go out of style, and while they might disappear from the mainstream fads depending on different designer whims, you will always find them tucked into braids or nestled in a camisole. If you've been looking for ways to start using the romantic ribbon more in your wardrobe, these ideas can help you nail the trend.

Charming chokers

Tying a slim (or thicker) ribbon around your neck to create a choker is a simple and classic way to try this trend. You can pick colors according to your outfit, and display the bow in front of, behind, or on the side of your neck. This dainty addition looks charming and romantic, and can be paired with other, longer necklaces for dimension.

Basic bows

Placing a ribbon in your hair can instantly add a feminine touch and provide texture. Ponytails, braids, buns: All of these can be embellished with a bow to complement the style and add a little extra "wow" factor. The thicker the ribbon, the more attention-drawing, while dainty pieces are subtle but still affective.

Wrapped up in ribbons

Ballet flats are making a big comeback, and nothing is more Balletcore than ribbon ankle wraps. Every color from soft pink to black is on the table, making it easier to go for an edgier look if you want to stray away from the classic neutrals. Accentuating your ankles is also very chic, creating a decolletage effect that is both delicate and daring.

Bold bracelets

Ribbons don't have to sit on your clothing or in your hair to be fashionable. Using these ties as jewelry can be very fashion forward, and makes accessorizing easy. Loop a ribbon around your wrist several times for a more dramatic look, or stick to one wrap around for a simple staple.

Clever collars

Blouses are a great wardrobe investment, and finding a top that boasts a ribbon will make this trend feel effortless. A collar bow brings a chic but gentle demeanor to any outfit, and allows you to flirt with the romantic side of this fad without overdoing it. Ideal for work or date night, this option is multi-functional.

Sweetheart sweaters

Sweaters can be statement pieces, and finding a jumper that includes the ribbon trend means you can migrate away from shapeless knits to a daintier style. Even oversized sweaters can work with bows and ties, and are great to pair with boots, skirts, or even slimmer pants to complement the romantic additions.

Standalone savvy

DIY is a huge part of fashion, and building your own ribbon-wear can open up so many doors for this trend. Even shoes that don't already have ribbon wraps can benefit from a standalone string that can be looped beneath the heel then tied around the ankle, calf, or higher. Note how Instagrammer Seann Altman tied a ribbon around leg warmers to accentuate and shape them a little more.

Rise in ribbons

Many shops and designers have a version of tied stilettos that feature a ribbon wrap which can be fitted around the ankle or calf. Not only are these styles bold and sexy, they still add the romantic air that this trend is tethered to. Bright colors are always fun to pair with darker outfits for an eye-catching finish, but classic black works, too.