The Easy Broken Nail Fix That Only Requires A Tea Bag And Top Coat

Not only can broken nails be painful, but they can also be a nightmare to fix. More often than not, many of us resort to ripping them off (which is downright painful) or testing our luck and seeing how long we can hang on to them. Breakage can be a particular problem if you have brittle nails, which, according to a study published in the journal Dermatologic Therapy, affects up to 20% of the population. However, a broken nail can be easily treatable when you know how to repair it.


In classic social media style, many broken nail trends have circulated over time, with some proving to be more effective than others. Some hacks that have taken root online include gel and gel wraps, which can help you to fix a broken nail at home. However, one notable trend has gained much more popularity than its predecessors, amassing a serious amount of online traction. So, what's the big secret that will help to fix your broken nail? The answer: a tea bag. Yes, a tea bag.

What is the tea bag nail trend?

The tea bag trend for broken nails first gained traction back in 2015. However, it's still prevalent today, with the hack even going viral on TikTok for a good portion of 2021. Of course, the title speaks for itself — all you need is a tea bag and some clear nail polish. It's really that simple. However, why use a tea bag?


For this trend, a tea bag is used to help repair the nail. Many brands of tea bags are made from a thin paper material, making them perfect to work with. As you work the material into the affected nail, it essentially fuses into the broken cracks, helping to seal any pesky nail breakage. However, it is important to note that this trend works best as a temporary solution. 

Likewise, serious nail breakage should be professionally treated, explains award-winning nail technician Metta Francis. "If the break is quite far down or goes across more than a quarter of the nail, I'd recommend getting it repaired professionally ASAP," Francis tells Refinery29. This will help to prevent any further issues, such as more damage.


How to repair your broken nail with a tea bag

So, where do you begin when you want to repair your broken nail with a tea bag? First, you'll need to arm yourself with the right tools for the job. All you need is a tea bag, a clear base polish, a nail file, and some scissors. Now, you should be primed and ready to repair your broken nails.


To begin, empty the contents of the tea bag out. If you don't want to waste the tea leaves, you can add them to a cup of hot water and strain them. This way, you can still enjoy a cup of tea without any waste. Once your tea bag is empty, cut a small section so that it covers the shape of your nail. It should cover at least half of it, including the breakage. Covering your full nail isn't necessary, but you can still do so if you wish.

Next, apply a base coat of polish and make sure that you coat the area where the nail has broke thoroughly. Add the tea bag on top of your nail while your base coat is still sticky, ensuring that it is stuck down firmly so no air is trapped underneath.

Seal your broken nail with a top coat

To quite literally seal the deal, wait for your base coat to dry so that the tea bag is firmly stuck in place, and then add another layer of polish on top. Wait for the top layer to dry. This is an important step, otherwise, you could end up tarnishing the final results. Your nails will thank you later.


Once the top coat is sealed in, take your nail file and file away the excess tea bag, leaving only the layer on your nail. To finish off, all you have to do is blend the remaining tea bag into your nail with your nail file, and add an extra coat. This will help to provide extra protection. You can add as many additional layers of polish as you want.

If you have any other nail concerns asides from broken talons, there are easy ways to assess your nail health. Of course, most of the issues can be easily rectified, even if they don't involve a tea bag.