Saskia Ainsworth

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United Kingdom
King's School
Health & Wellness, News, Sustainability
  • Saskia has always had a passion for storytelling and writing, and has written professionally for various publications over the last three years.
  • She has currently written over 500+ articles, with a main focus on sustainability and lifestyle. These are her two favorite topics to write about, as she feels that they can make a positive difference to her audience.
  • She loves to deliver accurate and trustworthy copy that can inform and help readers.


Saskia is a freelance writer for Glam and Utopia, and has previously written for TheThings and legal firm Edwards Hoyle. During her time at these publications, she covered a wide range of topics, including celebrity, lifestyle, sustainability, and legal, as well as more in-depth news pieces for one of her passion projects, Happy Headlines. She's always looking for ways to improve her lifestyle and live more sustainably. When she’s not working, she enjoys books, puzzles, and video games.


After completing one of her A-Levels in English, Saskia started off as a features writer for TheThings before working her way up to become a content writer for several other publications. This has allowed her to build up a reputable portfolio in order to pursue her dream career as a freelance content writer.
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