Procell Microchanneling: All The Benefits To Know About

Skincare is booming, with the 2021 global market valued at over $146 billion, according to Allied Market Research. With so many of us searching for procedures that will keep our skin in its best condition, new and exciting options are popping up faster than ever to try and fill the ever-growing demand. Some popular treatments include LED light therapy, such as Celluma light therapy, laser treatment, and chemical peels. Each of these treatments offers a range of benefits, such as reducing the appearance of fine lines and helping skin to appear more youthful.


However, these aren't the only treatment options available on the market if you want to refresh your skin. One of the latest and greatest treatments to surface is Procell Microchanneling, a treatment that aims to treat skin concerns such as fine lines and acne scarring alongside a range of other areas. It achieves this by punching tiny holes into your skin, which then stimulates the production of collagen, per Procell Therapies. Just like many other skin treatments, the procedure comes with a range of benefits for your skin. 

Procell Microchanneling encourages collagen production

One of the main benefits of Procell Microchanneling is that it helps to encourage collagen production, which in turn helps to treat a multitude of problems, such as fine lines and skin imperfections (via Procell Therapies). Cleveland Clinic explains that this is because collagen is responsible for the regeneration of new skin cells. Speaking to PopSugar, celebrity esthetician Sarah Ford explains that these aren't the only benefits of the treatment: "After only having it for a few months, I've already [seen] amazing results with rebuilding collagen, plumpness, smoothing texture and scarring, fading pigmentation, and overall prevention. It's a huge hit." These results can help your skin appear more youthful and rejuvenated, thus helping clients achieve their desired look.


Of course, this makes the treatment a great option if these areas concern you. You could even use it as an alternative to treatments such as microneedling (otherwise known as a vampire facial) or a laser treatment. However, this largely depends on the end results that you want to achieve.

It's suitable for all skin types

If you're considering the treatment, then you may be wondering if it's suitable for your skin. Thankfully, Procell Microchanneling is "viable for all skin tones and those with heat-aggravated conditions," according to Ford (via PopSugar). This opens up the treatment to a wide range of clients who may not have otherwise been able to have Microchanneling due to certain skin conditions. Of course, this is a huge benefit, as it may make the treatment more accessible to you as an individual. The number of treatments that you need will largely depend on your unique skin concerns. If you're unsure, determining your skin type may be a good place to start.


As it turns out, there are some circumstances when the treatment may not be appropriate. Those who are pregnant or nursing should avoid Procell Microchanneling, as should those with compromised immune systems and allergies to stainless steel, per the Procell website. In any case, it's always best to check with a qualified provider before you consider any new treatment.