How Long Do You Need To Wait Between SPF Application & Going Outside?

When it comes to makeup, you can apply it and walk straight out of the door without a second thought. However, for products like sunscreen, it's not so simple. Sunscreen is pretty essential to anyone who steps foot outside, which would explain why the market is worth billions of dollars. It's also crucial to choose the right SPF level. While many of us gallop out of the house right after applying our sunscreen, it turns out that doing so is not actually the correct action to take. Instead, you may be hindering your sunscreen's efficacy — at least for a short while. The same methodology applies to many other skincare and beauty products, including moisturizers and serums, to name a few. Both of these products work best when left to soak into the skin.


Like many individuals who use these products, waiting may have never even crossed your mind. After all, it's so easy to slap on your products in a whirlwind rush before charging outside. This may ring particularly true if you're someone who's often in a hurry. So, when it comes to sunscreen, what's the magic number when it comes to waiting time? Thankfully, it's not too long. In fact, it shouldn't even affect your normal beauty routine at all.

How long should you wait after applying SPF?

If you often wear sunscreen, you may be accustomed to applying it outside or just before you go out. While it may have never crossed your mind, there is actually a precise amount of time that you should wait before going outside after applying SPF. So, how long should you wait exactly? According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 15 minutes is the golden spot in terms of waiting time before heading outdoors. However, the NHS, otherwise known as the National Health Service, recommends waiting 30 minutes, reapplying, and then going outside. While both of these instructions vary slightly, you should use your best judgment. For example, if you spend a lot of time outside, it may be wiser to follow the latter's instructions. 


This isn't the only instance where you should wait after applying SPF. If you wear makeup regularly, then you should also be waiting before you apply your makeup too. But just how long is the perfect amount of time? While it's not so set in stone, there is still a recommended waiting period when it comes to makeup and SPF. 

You should wait to apply your makeup after SPF too

Of course, just like with going outside, you should be waiting before applying your makeup after using sunscreen; luckily the whole process isn't too complicated. While it may come as a surprise, it turns out that just a few minutes between sunscreen and makeup application is actually enough, making this step considerably quicker in comparison to waiting to go outside. Whew! This way, you'll get the best performance out of your SPF and boost your skin's protection. Once complete, you can then go in and apply your makeup as you normally would, before going outside into the beaming rays of the sun. 


On that note, you should also ensure that you check how much protection SPF in your makeup gives you. Now you should be all set and ready to go! If you haven't already, folding these habits into your everyday routine should help you get the best out of your SPF in the long term. Both you and your skin will benefit highly from this.