Bitter Chocolate Glaze Is The Color Bringing Stealth Wealth To Brunette Hair

While many people stick with their natural hair color, plenty of individuals enjoy mixing up the color of their mane every now and again. In fact, this number is thought to be over 60 million in the U.S., according to Statista. That's certainly a lot of people who enjoy experimenting with their hair color — and we don't blame them. Many of us use color to express ourselves and perhaps even add a confidence boost on the side.


One hair color that always proves to be popular is brunette. Despite many individuals having naturally dark or brown hair, it doesn't stop them from experimenting with different shades. Some of the most popular brown shades include nude and ash browns, as well as brunette shades with caramel highlights and baylages. However, these forms of brown hair aren't the only options available, with shades such as "bitter chocolate glaze" making waves on TikTok. This shade will help you rock a classy and "wealthy" look. Below, we'll take a look at unlocking the secret to this gorgeous color.

What is bitter chocolate glaze hair?

If you're a regular user of the app, then you may already know too well that TikTok is filled with a wide array of hair transformation videos, many of which can be pretty inspiring. One of the latest transformations includes using a color known as bitter chocolate glaze, which will help you achieve an incredibly classy brunette look. So what is it exactly? The bitter chocolate glaze color is mainly made up of Wella Color Touch Plus 66/07 and Color Touch 7/97, which are both darker shades of brown, helping to give a classy yet mature look. However, that's not all. Other products are still necessary to complete this luscious hair color recipe.


To seal the deal, the magic formula incorporates a Wella Shinefinity glaze in the shade 06/07 with a dash of 9/16 sprinkled at the roots of the head. As a result, you should be left with a luscious brown that really gives "stealth wealth" to your mane. If you're thinking of opting for this look, there are some easy ways to switch from blond to brown. Don't worry — it's not too much hassle!

Other brunette shades can also bring 'stealth wealth'

In addition to the bitter chocolate glaze color, other TikTokers actively share their recipes for the perfect "expensive" brunette that will keep you looking classy. Many of these videos include formulas to complete the look, which often include a multitude of different brands and tones. There's plenty of choice. So what else can you use to achieve an "expensive" brunette? One formula incorporates 3n and 4nch by Redken, while another includes shades from Original Mineral CØR.color. However, a quick search on the platform should give you plenty of results. You could even try a smoky brunette as an alternative. 


To keep your mane in good condition after dyeing it, you must take care of it. Speaking to, Redken artist Brittany VanDyke explains, "Washing too often and heat styling is killer for maintaining color and the integrity of the hair, and over-shampooing can strip the hair of its natural oils." So in order to maintain that beautiful brunette, you should be trying to master these aftercare techniques. Now you should be ready to rock your new "expensive" brunette to the world!