Why Size Matters When It Comes To Sunglasses

As well as offering UV protection, sunglasses are often part of an overall fashion statement, with individuals from every corner of the globe sporting them. According to Statista, a staggering 80% of Americans wore them over the summer of 2019 — a figure reflective of how intertwined they are in our regular lives. In fact, perhaps you already own several pairs (or not!). However, although sunglasses are meant to offer protection, optician Dr. Andy Hepworth revealed to DLuxe that "only 40% of people cite protecting their eyes as a reason for wearing sunglasses." This suggests that a large proportion of wearers are only considering factors such as style.

While sunglasses are great at protecting our eyes, there are many factors that can easily be swept under the rug. Not only should you think about protection, but you should also think about the size. As it turns out, yes, size matters — at least when it comes to sunglasses. The size of your pair of sunnies can end up impacting how much protection your eyes get, so it's an incredibly important factor to consider. 

Bigger sunglasses offer you more protection

Choosing a new pair of sunglasses is always an exciting experience. While it's easy to get swept away in it all, there are some factors that you shouldn't dismiss — namely, how much defense your eyes will get from the sun.

Speaking to Time, Nashville-based ophthalmologist Dr. Rebecca Taylor broke down why it's so important: "The bigger the better. With little, round John Lennon glasses, you get scattered rays coming in from all sides." Of course, the whole point of sunglasses is to avoid getting those rays near your eye area, hence why bigger glasses help. However, she also adds, "The most important thing is that the sunglasses block 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB rays." Without this element, your bigger sunglasses may not be able to help your eyes at their maximum potential.

Thankfully, there are some great ways to style oversized sunglasses, so you don't have to worry that your new sunnies will make your face look ridiculous. In fact, some individuals even prefer the "oversized" look; it's all about the overall fashion look you're aiming for.

How to find the right sunglasses size for you

Now you know you need bigger sunglasses, but one important question remains. Just how big do you go? Of course, knowing the perfect size for your face can be tricky, particularly if you're ordering online without any in-store guidance. However, there are some easy ways that you can find the perfect size for your face in no time.

The first method you can try is using an online guide to find your sunglasses size. From there, you should be able to measure your face and use your own measurements against a sizing chart, which should help you decide. However, if you find this a bit intimidating, you always have alternative options.

Instead of using an online sizing chart to measure up your perfect pair of sunnies, you can always go directly into a store to ask for some professional assistance. Be sure to let the shop assistant know that you want maximum coverage for your eyes. This way, there will be no second-guessing whether you have the correct size for your face or not. In the meantime, there are other ways to prevent your eyes from getting sunburned while waiting for your new pair of sunglasses to arrive. Getting into these good habits will ensure that your eyes are well looked after during those summer months.