The Best Ways To Style Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are a staple accessory that never really goes out of style. Sure, we've seen a rise in tiny eyewear, with the Kar-Jenners, Rihanna, the Hadid sisters, and other Hollywood fashionistas sporting super tiny spectacles over the years (via Racked). Still, oversized sunnies are a classic accessory that everybody owns at least one pair of, and for good reason. Versatile, chic, edgy, and practical, oversized sunglasses had their shining moment in the early '00s and have remained trendy ever since.

Eyewear company Vint & York believes anybody can pull off oversized shades, regardless of their face shape. When selecting your perfect pair, you want to ensure they aren't too big, or they may swallow up your gorgeous features. But like any other fashion accessory, personal preference plays a prominent role, so if you're a fan of the "hiding from the paparazzi" look, then you may want to get your hands on a super oversized pair of shades. Nevertheless, we compiled the best ways to incorporate your oversized sunglasses into your look to spice up your style and get the most out of that edgy vibe.

Keep the look sleek and simple

When wearing oversized sunglasses, you may want to avoid overcrowding your face with flashy jewelry and other accessories. Keeping the look simple is a surefire way of looking chic and sophisticated while keeping the focus on those large shades. This Instagram photo shared by Portuguese eyewear company Optocentro depicts this idea beautifully, with the model wearing a simple slicked-back bun and no other jewelry or accessories surrounding her face.

Oversized sunglasses add to an all-black outfit

A large pair of black sunglasses are the perfect addition to a monochromatic black ensemble. On its own, the outfit looks edgy and stylish — add a pair of thick-rimmed black sunnies, and it just elevates everything. Content creator and dentist Dr Linda Parra proves that you can have both brains and beauty with this all-black look posted on Instagram. A small pair of simple gold hoops sit on each side of her face, which perfectly match her outfit's gold accents.

Don't be afraid of colorful oversized shades

Why stick to the traditional neutral-colored shades when colorfully vibrant ones exist? Take these blue sunglasses, for example, in an Instagram post shared by @lashingandslaying. She's wearing an oversized white button-up shirt off the shoulder and her hair in a loose top knot, giving a relaxed yet fun aesthetic. Since the glasses are bright blue, it's a good idea to wear a neutral outfit to balance it out.

Oversized sunglasses are the perfect summer staple

If you're going for a cool-girl poolside vibe, pairing your large shades with a vizor and loose, free flowing locks is an excellent choice. This look is showcased in a gorgeous Instagram photo by model Precious Ng'oma, who completed the look with a matching and simple black two-piece set. She also wears a bold red lip, adding to the edgy vibe.

Wear them without actually wearing them

When the sun begins to set, and you no longer need to wear your sunglasses on your face, feel free to incorporate them into your look like Yacira P.G. in this Instagram post. She secured her oversized shades on the front of her silk top, keeping the accessory at the forefront of the outfit without actually wearing them. It's a genius way to show off those cute shades when the sun goes down!

Match your nude sunglasses with white

A major key in styling your oversized shades is to ensure they complement the outfit, and a nude and white color combo is a chic and timeless choice. When you get your hands on an oversized rectangle nude pair of shades, reach for a white outfit or dress to complete the look. Eyewear company Skye + Lach posted this photo to Instagram of a model sporting an off-the-shoulder white top and nude-framed glasses, and the pairing is oh-so-stylish.

Go big with an oversized sunhat

We mentioned that you should keep the rest of the look minimal when sporting oversized shades, but for the extra sunny days when practical UV protection is required, don't be afraid to reach for a large sunhat. Feel free to relax in stylish comfort, channeling this snap posted to Instagram by eyewear company The Shadz. Protect your face and your eyes with two oversized staples. And hey, throw on a glamorous pair of earrings while you're at it!