Accessories To Keep On Hand That Never Go Out Of Style

The argument of trendy versus timeless has been going on for decades and will continue as long as fashion continues to push new styles. Plus, with social media, the concept of micro trends has become more common. Influencers, both big and small, are always promoting the current must-have products, from hair accessories to skincare to clothing.

These quick trends are often ultra-specific and only last a few weeks before a new trend takes place. Social media is often the culprit because of the quick content and instant gratifications of short videos and flashy images. These quick trends pair well with fast-fashion companies, which ramp up production and use exploitative manufacturing processes to feed into the demand of micro trends, according to Good on You.

Keeping up with these trends is no easy feat. By the time the clothing you purchased arrives at your home, the trend is on the way out. Many feel exhausted trying to keep up with what's in style from week to week. For some, the answer is wearing whatever clothes they like, regardless of if it's the current trendy item. The other option is to have more timeless pieces you can wear from season to season. Timeless pieces can act as a base for outfits and can be paired with trendier clothes and accessories of the moment.

A gold chain necklace

The right jewelry can elevate any outfit and that's definitely the case for a gold chain necklace. You can wear it with a simple t-shirt and jeans for a casual Saturday or a little black dress for a night out. Small links create a dainty and delicate look, while large chain links make more of a statement. You can also play around with the shape of the links; round feels more classic, and pointed links feel more modern.

Neutral belt

A good belt can be as practical as it is stylish. Belts can help add shape to your outfit as well as help pull it together to look more polished. Choose a black belt for the most versatile option, but the brown or tan belt is also timeless. Make sure the belt isn't too skinny or too wide, as that can date the piece. Shy away from graphic or fashion label belt buckles since brands can fall in and out of favor. Wear it around jeans or trousers, or use it to give structure to oversized blazers or loose dresses.

Sleek sunglasses

Slipping on a pair of sunglasses quickly adds a chic element to your outfit. When it comes to being timeless, it means forgoing ornamentation. Choose sunglasses in a square or round shape that will last you from season to season and pair well with outfits throughout the year. Opt for black or tortoiseshell for a classic color scheme. And make sure they're not too large or too small, as frame size can lend itself to certain trends.

Black leather purse

A great bag should be one that you can wear every day and use to carry everything you need. Sleek black leather will never go out of style and will easily work with any outfit you put together. Look for a bag that has a shoulder strap and a top handle to make it more versatile for your needs. And look for a nice medium size that can hold what you need but won't make a style statement by being too large or too small. With purses, quality makes a difference, so invest in good leather and style.

A simple watch

Add a little bit of elegance and practicality to your outfit with a watch. It's the ideal accessory for anyone on the go, but it can also be an understated pillar for your jewelry collection. Look for a watch with a round or square shape and a clean face if you're after a timeless look. You can never go wrong with a metallic finish or a leather band in a neutral color. If you're going to be a daily watch wearer, think about a simple piece that will pair well with whatever you wear that day.

Printed silk scarf

These are classic, elegant, and a little bit whimsical. If you don't have a silk scarf, it might be time to add it to your wardrobe. A printed silk scarf is a versatile accessory you can wear as a head covering, hair accessory, around your neck, or tied to a purse. It will create a stunning finish that looks polished and stylish while adding a pop of color or pattern. A silk scarf is an accessory you can have a little more fun with, so choose one in a color or print you'll love and wear the most.