The Chicest Way To Style Your Watches

Everyone has their favorite go-to accessory that they reach for, no matter the circumstance. For many, this can be a pair of earrings or a necklace. Some prefer to splurge on the latest pair of sunglasses that have taken over. However, recently, many are turning to a classic and timeless watch to complete their outfits. They are a great way to elevate any look. Depending on what watch you purchase, a high-quality watch can be a great investment for the future. Brynn Wallner, the founder of Dimepiece, tells Marie Claire, "They're often an investment from a financial standpoint, yes, but above all, they're a sentimental investment. The relationship one forms with a watch is more intimate than with any other luxury item, like a handbag or shoes. A watch, when worn regularly, becomes a part of you, something you wear for life and then pass down to future generations."

With emotional connection becoming more essential for self-expression, watches are a great way to start building your connection to clothing. Although watches aren't complicated to put on, they deserve some elevated styling to bring out their timelessness.

How to style your watch

When styling your watch you want to ensure you don't want to take the focus away from your piece but instead help highlight it. Luckily, LaRiviere Fashion explains that there are plenty of ways to style your watch to upgrade your look. If you plan to use a silver-colored watch, try styling it alongside a monochrome black outfit or black blouse. Choosing a single tone outfit will help your silver watch stand out from your look but still look classic and luxurious. A gold watch, on the other hand, is easier to style as you can easily make it look formal or casual. There are two ways to style your watch: place it over your sweater or under a coat. These options can give you a subtle pop of luxury without being too over the top.

The experts at Modern Diplomacy recommend adding jewelry to elevate your arm of accessories. When pairing jewelry with a watch, try matching the metals for a cohesive look. If you are going for a dressier look and are using a more glamorous watch, try using dainty and elevated jewelry on the same wrist. However, when wearing a casual watch, you can go with understated jewelry or the jewelry you usually have on daily. No matter the price range, any watch can be styled to help elevate your outfit.

Watch trends to look out for

Watch trends aren't as quick as fashion trends. The slower cycle means you can get more use out of your picks until another style comes along. Even within watch trends, the differences are so subtle that you can easily pull off wearing the same watch for a long time. According to Macy's, there are plenty of opportunities to grab a timepiece that's on-trend. A watch in gem tones, for example, is a fun and simple way to add color to your look. Look for emerald and ruby-colored wristwatches to show up in a big way. While not exactly a new trend, gold watches will continue their dominance over silver ones. More gold pieces may be available as opposed to their silver counterparts.

Besides their colors, size is another way to make your timepiece stand out, as per the Watch Specialists. Oversized watches will continue to capture our attention well into the new year. This trend is similar to the baggy jeans and oversized clothing trends taking over the fashion industry. Although gold will continue to be the most popular choice in watches, there's no reason why you can't mix the two metals. In fact, two-toned watches are slowly growing in popularity and are becoming a new way to show your love for golds and silvers. Now, here are some of our favorite ways to wear our watches.

A monochrome ensemble

Pairing your watch with a monochrome black outfit can make it pop. This is especially true if the watch is silver, which can be more easily overshadowed by more brightly colored clothing than gold. If you're looking to make a new or meaningful watch shine, the stark contrast created by this look is the way to go. 

Mixed metals

If you're a neutral-toned babe who can't decide whether gold or silver looks better against your skin, try pairing a silver watch with gold bracelets or a two-toned watch with whichever metal you typically prefer. Build a whole stack of bracelets to wear with your watch or just add one to start and work up your confidence over time. 


When you're feeling bold, an oversized watch is the power play to reach for. Just as a dainty watch can magnify feelings of sophistication and elegance, an oversized watch brings out the badass inside you. Pull this trick out of your bag for a job interview and you'll be celebrating your new job in no time. 

Matched metals

If your skin is strongly cool- or warm-toned, you might find that one particular metal looks much more flattering on you than others. Rather than viewing this as a limitation, embrace it as a signature look by building groupings of jewelry that highlight your watch using the same metal. 


Feeling a little extra but don't really want to take the time to put together a whole stack of bracelets to accentuate your watch? Consider going neon. An extreme pop of color is all you need to look like you put in a ton of effort with minimal actual work. 

Bold two-toned

If you're interested in experimenting with mixed metals but you're not confident in your jewelry stacking skills, there is an easy mode option. Look for a bold statement watch that features both gold and silver. If you're used to gold and silver makes you a little nervous, for instance, choose a watch with a gold base and small pops of silver for your first mixed piece. If you go bold, it may be the only one you'll need. 

Rose gold

Rose gold is a godsend for cool-toned gals and guys who desire to wear gold but end up looking sallow when they attempt to rock traditional yellow. The cooler the skin tone, the pinker shade of rose gold that will complement if. If you love rose gold but have a warmer skin tone, just choose a shade that's a bit more gold than pink.