Watch Trends That Will Have You Ditching Your Smart Watch For Something More Stylish

Watches have been around for a long time — and we mean a very long time. According to Britannica, watches were initially created around 1500, and they were produced in parts of Europe. Although we now wear them around our wrists, people typically carried those original watches and wore them as necklaces. Plus, they just featured the hour hand, unlike most modern watches, which display another hand for minutes and sometimes seconds in addition to the classic hour hand.


Clearly, watches have come a long way since 1500, and lots of people have invested in ultra-modern smartwatches, such as FitBits and Apple Watches, in hopes of becoming more active and getting to know themselves better (via Vanity Fair). Furthermore, certain watches can even be considered a status symbol. For instance, Rolexes are notoriously desirable for their luxurious designs and high prices to match, and the iconic watch brand has over 12 million followers on Instagram.

As popular as smartwatches have been, the watch trends of 2022 are so fashionable that they might be a better investment if you're looking for something stylish.

The best watch trends

If you're on the hunt for a beautiful new watch, we know all the best trends to watch out for (pun intended). For example, Vogue Britain noted some of the hottest watch trends of 2022, and we're obsessed. One of these exciting trends is wearing watches in non-traditionally shapes, such as flower and rectangle-shaped watches, instead of classic circles. Regarding hue, green is becoming just as trendy in the watch world as it is in the fashion industry. For anyone looking for a quirkier trend, cartoon character-inspired watches are another fun choice.


On the other hand, classic, lowkey watches are on-trend, which is perfect for anyone with a more minimalistic style (via Her Watch Trends). The best part about wearing simple yet chic watches is that they'll probably match any outfit in your wardrobe. If you want something more noticeable, oversized watches are trending, too. For glamorous watch shoppers looking for something bold, sparkly watches are another trend that will add some pizazz to your look no matter what you're wearing!

So, which watch trend best matches your style?