If You Need Your Makeup To Last All Day, You Should Probably Try Underpowdering

Getting your makeup to last all day long can be a challenge, especially if you've got oily skin. With so many of us seeking to prolong our carefully crafted looks, countless tips and tricks have popped up online to fulfill the demand. It's no secret that many seasoned makeup pros recommend using a setting powder to lock your look into place. But if you usually reach for a powder to set your makeup, it may be time to consider using it another way.


For decades, we have been told that we should always dust powder over the top of our finished makeup for prolonged wear, which makes a lot of sense, but have you ever heard of underpowdering? This increasingly popular technique will help your makeup to last much longer with minimal fuss and effort. Here's how this trick could take your makeup routine to the next level if it feels like you're constantly touching up your face throughout the day.

Start with translucent powder for long-lasting makeup

If you have oily skin, underpowdering may be particularly beneficial to you. Janelle Thomason, CEO of Cosmakery Cosmetics, describes the trick as "lightly powdering before you apply any makeup" in an interview with Bustle. Seem a little strange? We get it, but it's supposed to work like magic, especially during the summer months when it's hot and humid outside. Naturally, as you begin to sweat, it can have an impact on your makeup longevity. Powder is a great way to combat this annoying effect, but other factors can affect the longevity of your makeup, including not using the right application method. 


If you've got dry skin, you can also try the underpowdering hack. However, makeup artist Aimee Connolly explained to Boots that "setting powders infused with hyaluronic acid will help keep the skin hydrated." Connolly also recommended mineral-based setting powders due to their moisturizing ingredients.

To try underpowdering, simply apply your favorite setting powder, whether it be tinted or translucent, as you normally would onto clean, moisturized skin before applying the rest of your makeup. As a result, your makeup should last much longer than it usually does compared to if you didn't use a powder early on in the process. In case you're wondering, it is fine to prime your skin before going in with the powder, but it's all about finding what works best for you and your skin type, so expect a little trial and error.


Primer can also help your makeup last longer

If you want your makeup to last but don't have any powder products at hand, say hello to primer, which is specifically formulated to help your makeup last all day. Just like the powder trick mentioned above, apply your primer before proceeding with the rest of your makeup. Speaking to Stylist, award-winning make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis explains that primer is an important step because it "locks moisture into your skin to help prevent make-up disappearing when your pores start to perspire, while setting sprays act like a sealant and cement powders into place."


To find what works best for you, try experimenting with either underpowdering and/or a primer. You could even try multi-priming, which is just the process of using multiple primers. Simply apply your moisturizer, followed by a primer before adding your powder of choice to combine both techniques together. If you decide to try underpowdering, you shouldn't need to reapply any powder again after your foundation and concealer is completed. Just once should suffice.

Whether they're used alone or separately, these hacks should come in handy this summer!