Uranus Is Anything But A Joke In Astrology. Here's What Its Symbolism Means

If you survived elementary school in any English-speaking educational institution, you've likely giggled your way through a few science lessons about the first planet ever discovered through a telescope: Uranus. Pronunciation controversies aside, this distant planet actually holds significant weight in the world of astrology.


Uranus is associated with innovation, originality, revolution, breakthrough, and rebellion. Traveling to the beat of its own drum and orbiting nearly sideways, Uranus is here to shake things up, and not for just a little while. This slow-moving planet spends a hefty seven years at a time creating chaos in each zodiac sign, and can result in similar traits that can tie entire age groups together.

Since May 2018, Uranus has been traveling through Taurus. Taurus, the grounded bull, represents matters of stability, particularly around home, food, environment, and finances. It's no surprise that Uranus's reign in this staunch earth sign has happened at the same time as worldwide supply chain struggles, record-breaking inflation, housing crises, and increased environmental awareness.


You may be wondering what Uranus's placement in your natal chart means for you. Grab your chart for free from Café Astrology or Time Passages and settle in as we break it down for you. 

Uranus in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

When Uranus is making its way through a particular zodiac sign, you may see the effects of its rebellious nature disrupting the areas of life ruled by that sign. When looking at Uranus's placement at the time you were born, the planet represents you, and the zodiac sign it was in reveals where in life your own rebelliousness might emerge.


Since earth signs typically encompass practical matters like career, home life, and finances, a person who was born while Uranus was in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn may struggle to fit the mold in those areas.

Each earth sign puts its own spin on practicality, so your birth chart's Uranus placement may reflect your life a bit differently depending on which one it was located in. While a Taurus placement might mean that a person tends to push the envelope with creative cooking or an eccentric appearance, Uranus in Capricorn might present more as someone who innovates through their business or career.

If Uranus was in Virgo when you were born, you may balk at traditional systems of order and organization and tend to implement your own original systems in their places. 


Uranus in air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The air signs of the zodiac are all about free thinking, communication, and action. Intellectual ideas and advancements are the name of the game when it comes to Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. If your natal chart features Uranus passing through one of these signs at the time of your birth, then in some cases, you may feel like a bit of a square peg in comparison to the round hole of that sign's typical presentation.


People with Uranus in Gemini in their chart might feel so much energy around big ideas and innovation that their focus becomes scattered, bouncing from one vision to the next without always seeing them through.

Uranus in Libra natives may challenge the luxurious nature of Libra, pushing boundaries to redefine sophistication — as well as other areas such as equality, justice, and relationships. Those born under Uranus in Aquarius, however, are more likely to butt heads with social norms and methods of communication. 

Uranus in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The astrological element of water represents emotion, nurture, and intuition. These themes show up a bit differently in each water sign of the zodiac and thus are disrupted in a unique way when each one is occupied by rebel Uranus.


For those with Uranus in Cancer placements, for instance, rebellion may surface around the sign's most central theme: home. These individuals may experience friction with their families, but are often creative in their home life.

Uranus in Scorpio natives are likely to notice pushback against the resistance to change that typically comes along with Scorpio placements. Instead, they may crave change to the point that they might force its hand, creating waves of chaos.

Those born under Uranus in Pisces will live a similar truth, bringing change with them everywhere they go. Pisces placements, however, are likely to wield a bit more control over the changes they command.

Uranus in fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The fire signs of the zodiac embody the spicier side of life, exhibiting intensity, liveliness, boldness, and courage. As you can imagine, adding the chaotic expansive energy of Uranus to a fire sign can yield explosive results.


If you were born during a time when Uranus was positioned in Aries, you may struggle with boldness that lacks direction. The result can be many short, impulsive pursuits that don't necessarily lead anywhere. The challenge will lie in learning to be selective in your endeavors.

Uranus in Leo natives may bring about changes in the way people express themselves creatively through fashion, art, décor, or music. Your bold style knows no bounds and may inspire those around you to throw caution to the wind and display the same fearlessness.

Uranus in Sagittarius placements may find themselves in power struggles with people and concepts that they perceive as authorities. They may be interested in making changes and innovations related to religion, culture, and education.


Keep in mind that Uranus is a generational planet, so its qualities are often seen more clearly within generations than within individuals. It's important for all placements to embrace the rebellious nature of Uranus through the lens of positive change rather than destructive chaos.