Reaching For A Brown Mascara Over A Bold Black Might Be Better. Here's Why

Creating a dynamic and captivating makeup look is the best part of playing with makeup products. One of the essential beauty products you need to create a fun look is mascara. Mascara can lengthen, volumize, and enhance the natural lashes, creating a beautiful and defined aesthetic. With its ability to draw attention to the eyes, it is no surprise that mascara can dramatically change your whole vibe. While black is the traditional go-to for most, mascara comes in various shades, making it easy to create unique looks with a quick swipe. A simple color change to your mascara can add quirkiness and fun to even the most classic beauty routine. Depending on the product you're using, you can even find that certain shades of mascara can complement other facial features.


When it comes to more traditional colors, black and brown are two of the most common mascaras you will find. Even though they can deliver similar results, there are small differences that can help your eye makeup pop even more. 

The perks of brown mascara

Black mascara is perfect if you want to create a statement look that showcases your eye makeup. However, it's not always great if you want something more subtle and natural-looking. If you want to create the perfect "no-makeup" makeup look, brown mascara will help create this with just one swipe. It can help you achieve a softer and more natural-looking lash, without the harshness that can come with black mascara. Brown mascara will also help give your lashes a greater lifted appearance but in a way that won't take away from your eyeshadow. As Hairatin explains, brown mascara can create a softer look while giving the spotlight to the rest of your makeup.


If you have light hair or are fair-skinned, brown mascara could make a difference in your future beauty routine. For those with these lighter features, black mascara can sometimes be too harsh or contrast against these too much, while brown mascara will complement them. Brown mascara will also help green, blue, or gray eyes to stand out even more.

How to apply mascara like a pro

Regardless of which color you choose, you need to be applying your mascara correctly. A proper application of your mascara will make the difference between flawless or clumped lashes. Starting at the base of your lashes, move the mascara wand in a zigzag pattern for an even distribution throughout the lashes. Whenever you are applying a new coat of mascara onto your lashes, ensure that the previous coat has dried. You want to avoid applying mascara onto wet lashes as this will only cause the mascara to run or clump together.


Another way you can avoid clumped lashes is by ensuring you curl your lashes before applying your mascara. Beauty influencer Marwah Khamas tells, "I used to make the mistake of curling them afterward, but that tends to make lashes look clumpy." Perhaps the most essential part to consider when applying mascara to your lashes is to use fresh mascara. Mascara should be changed every two to three months to avoid dry, cracked mascara from smearing and clumping on your lashes. Whether it's brown or black mascara, fresh mascara is always a must-have in your beauty routine.