The Zodiac Signs That Are The Best Match For An Intellectual Aquarius

When astrology and romance collide, it can be illuminating to see how the pieces of your personality align (or not) with a partner's. And if you have even a passing interest in the zodiac, you've probably noticed patterns in your love life — whether there's a certain sign that always catches your attention, a sign you've sworn to never go out with again, or a sign that seems to make dating as easy as breathing.

Of course, these patterns will look different for everyone, with ideal pairings shifting based on an individual's unique experience and birth chart. For instance, take cerebral Aquarians, whose independent, high-minded outlook on life can make them tough partners to pin down. Contrary to other signs, who might gravitate toward partners who are affectionate and grounded, Aquarius demands an S.O. who will thrill and challenge them without getting too clingy.

Born between January 20 and February 18, Aquarius is the second-to-last sign in the zodiac, represented by the sign of the water bearer. But don't be fooled by this imagery — funky, eccentric Aquarius is actually an air sign, through and through. Like other air signs, this means that they are moved by creativity, communication, and human connection.

However, this interest in the interpersonal doesn't mean that Aquarius is a perfect match for every other sign. In fact, these quirky individuals will likely need someone with a lot of patience, flexibility, or complimentary weirdness to mold to their Aquarian idiosyncrasies. On the whole, fire signs and other air signs are usually a good bet. But to get more specific, here are the zodiac signs most likely to make a good match for an Aquarius.


While there are certainly some zodiac signs that definitely won't work with Aries, it turns out that this impulsive, action-oriented fire sign is a good match for Aquarians' forward-thinking energy. Aquarius is the zodiac sign of idealists and revolutionaries, which plays well with the ram's willingness to bulldoze past rules for a greater purpose. As free thinkers, both of these signs like to keep things moving, and can't bear to feel stagnant, smothered, or trapped. Because neither wants to be tied down, this pairing will find an intuitive ability to set loose limits on their relationship and give each other the freedom they need.

And whether the bond between an Aries and an Aquarius is romantic, platonic, or even professional, these two signs can set each other off in the very best way. Aquarians' airy, creative energy feeds the flame of Aries' proactive nature to help both get more things done. Aquarians will inspire Aries with new project ideas, and Aries will push Aquarius to actually follow through, making this duo an innovative dream team.

While this obviously has benefits in the workplace, innovation can also keep things fresh and engaging in a domestic scenario. An Aries-Aquarius couple will thrive on spontaneity, planning adventures on the fly and then actually going through with them. With complementary desires to experience everything the world has to offer, Aquarius and Aries can spend their lives seeking new horizons together.


Like Aquarius, Gemini — represented by the twins — is an air sign, making these individuals quick thinkers and easy communicators. Also like Aquarius, though, Geminis can be fast to lose interest or move on to the next big thing, which can be challenging in many relationships. "Gemini often have difficulty staying with a single individual for long periods of time, since they tend to grow bored quickly and easily," astrologer Emily Newman tells Well+Good.

Fortunately for this pairing, Aquarians are far from boring. With their tendency toward unusual interests, varied hobbies, and constant evolution, the life of an Aquarius holds enough novelty to keep even mercurial Geminis enthralled. By the same token, those with Gemini suns are well-equipped to keep up with Aquarians' thirst for new knowledge and experiences. This partnership promises lively conversations and friendly debates — which are less likely to turn into honest arguments than in other match-ups since Aquarius and Gemini both prefer academic banter over anything emotionally charged.

These signs are also well-paired thanks to their mutual need for autonomy and flexibility. Because Aquarians are focused on the future and big-picture issues, they can come across as distant or aloof. But while many people may not understand how an Aquarius shows love in relationships, Geminis can vibe with their style of light attachment without pushing Aquarians to display more affection than comes naturally to them. Together, these two air signs are often able to accommodate each other by building a relationship that prizes individuality and personal space while still fulfilling each partner's need for companionship.


Though it falls in winter, Sagittarius is another of the zodiac's three fire signs — making it a good match for airy Aquarius. Lively and engaging, Sagittarians provide a great balance to Aquarian aloofness. And with a patient, sensible streak, Sagittarians are able to work around Aquarians' tendency to get lost in their own minds.

Both signs can be passionate and direct, which may offend more sensitive partners. But, in most cases, a Sagittarius-Aquarius duo will instead find this style of communication refreshing, as they can freely exchange ideas without censoring themselves. Fortunately, this pairing's worldviews can also be aligned, which makes such communications a little less rocky. Like Aquarians, those under the sign of Sagittarius are intellectuals who love the pursuit of knowledge and are gifted conversationalists. Aquarius will find a lot of common ground and mental stimulation with these inspiring archers, and will likely appreciate a shared sense of justice and idealism.

As we've seen in their match-ups with Aries and Gemini, Aquarians require a partner who will give them plenty of space and freedom. Fortunately, Sagittarians also share a disdain for co-dependent relationships and are unlikely to clutch their Aquarius partners too close for comfort. Rather, energetic Sagittarius will help Aquarius navigate life with an all-important sense of humor and fun, which Aquarians are sure to find appealing.