How Does An Aquarius Show Love In Relationships?

People belonging to the Aquarius sign often take pride in being super unique, so if you've ever met an Aquarius, we assume that you probably still remember their non-traditional personality. With birthdays between January 20 and February 18, this air sign often seems intriguing and intelligent and deeply values individuality (via So, you can expect an Aquarius to be one-of-a-kind, and they may even know how to keep calm in most situations, even if everyone else is stressing out.

Although this independent zodiac sign doesn't need a relationship to be happy, some other zodiac signs will mesh well with an Aquarius, leading to an excellent partnership. According to Compatible Astrology, the signs most likely to be most compatible with an Aquarius are Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. 

However, dating an Aquarius can be super fun for people of any zodiac sign, as long as they develop a genuine understanding of this quirky sign and how they often show love in relationships.

An Aquarius's love language is acts of service

Every couple should learn and talk about each other's love language to ensure both partners are on the same page regarding expectations, communication, and what makes them feel most happy and appreciated. The different love languages include doing acts of service, exchanging gifts, spending quality time together, sharing words of affirmation, and engaging in physical touch, per 5 Love Languages.

While everyone has reasons for gravitating to one love language, the Aquarius sign's love language is often acts of service (via YourTango). People belonging to this sign are often super helpful, so it only makes sense that such a thoughtful sign likes to show love by doing favors for their partner to help make their life easier.

While the typical Aquarius might not be the type to send you lovey-dovey texts or show a ton of PDA, they'll devote effort into doing caring actions for you. So, an Aquarius might show love by cooking you breakfast before work, helping you tidy your room, or watching and feeding your pets while you're away visiting family, as these are all examples of acts of service, per MasterClass. Thus, if your significant other is an Aquarius and they frequently go out of their way to help you with various tasks, that's a good sign that your Aquarius genuinely cares about you.

They'll be your best friend and plan a future with you

People belonging to the Aquarius sign often aren't the clingy type at all, so it's not a bad sign if they aren't all over you in public or constantly blowing up your phone with messages. According to Bumble, an Aquarius frequently thinks about the future rather than staying stuck in the past, so an Aquarius who's serious about their relationship with you might show love by talking about your future together.

Moreover, a happy relationship with an Aquarius should feel like you're dating a best friend, not just a sexy lover. This sign often values friendship and conversation (via, so talking to your Aquarius partner should be enjoyable. The friends-to-lovers trope makes us think of the Aquarius sign, as people with this zodiac sign might end up falling in love with their best friend.

Get ready for a wide variety of mentally stimulating conversations with an Aquarius, per Compatible Astrology, as an Aquarius who loves you will want to talk about anything and everything with you. Therefore, a perfect romantic date for an Aquarius may involve just sipping on tea and having deep conversations all night.