Bubble Hair: We're Going Big & Bold With Spring Styles

If you're all about going bigger and better, you'll love some of the latest hair trends that have social media buzzing. While sleek, straight hair has been the go-to recently, with trends like the wet hair look, there's a style looking to make a big comeback. If you're a fan of '90s trends, you'll probably remember bubble hair as a staple of supermodels. While you've likely heard of bubble braids, bubble hair is nothing like that. This hairstyle is all about creating and embracing volume. To create bubble hair, you'll need to start with a dramatic blowout that will give you the volume that defines this hairstyle.

Although we've seen plenty of designers opting for understated, natural hairdos, bubble hair is all about taking us back to the days of big and bold hairstyles. Even if you have shorter hair, this hairstyle will give your locks plenty of space and volume. Bubble hair is the perfect way to make a statement.

Curly bubble hair

The beauty of bubble hair is that anyone can pull off this look, no matter what hair type you have. While we were used to seeing supermodels in the '90s rocking straight hair blowouts, there's no reason why you can't add some height and volume to curly hair. If you want to add some extra width to your hair, simply flip your hair upside down and spray your roots with volumizing or texturizing spray. You can also move a middle part to the side to create more height and volume.

Add on the layers

One of the easiest ways to achieve bubble hair is by adding layers. Layers are one of the best ways to add more movement and dimension to your hair, adding bounce to your blowouts. While this takes a visit to the salon, layers will keep your hair modern and chic. In addition, when creating a dramatic blowout, you can brush your layers in different directions, creating even more of a dramatic effect.

Straight blowout hair

If Your hair is naturally straight, you don't need to go above and beyond to create the bubble look. The best way to get this extra height and width is by using a hot brush and pulling up. Brush your hair up and over to naturally set with added height. Always be sure to use heat protectant spray before your blowouts, as the heat can damage your hair. Add mousse or volumizing spray if you have fine or thin hair that doesn't volumize easily. With these steps, you can create dreamy bubble hair.

Bring on the bangs

We already know that bangs were a staple of the '90s. Various types of bangs are coming back into style, and they are an excellent partner in creating bubble hair. No matter which type of bangs you have, always include them in your blowout. Giving these extra hair pieces volume will help create a salon-quality look. Using a hot brush, give your bangs more height and let them have their moment.

Short bubble hair

There's no specific hair length required for creating bubble hair. Short hair can look equally chic and high-end. Using the same technique, you can create the bubble style with short hair. Recent bob hair trends have made short hair a must-have this season. You can't go wrong with mixing a short style with a blowout. Give your ends some extra love by twisting or curling them to add more movement to your hair.