Lip Oil Nails Are The Juicy Manicure You'll Want To Rock This Spring

Lip oils are having a major moment right now, from Dior Addict Lip Glow going ultra-viral on TikTok to Selena Gomez's popular makeup line Rare Beauty launching its own Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil. These products offer a supple, high-sheen, sheer tint to lips that looks like a better version of natural; it's easy to see why people are such diehard fans of them. It only makes sense then that the trend would trickle into the world of manicures.

Lip oil manicures aim to apply the same sheer, lusciously shiny tinted look of lip oil to nails. Similar to lip gloss nails and jelly nails, lip oil nails feature a translucent touch of color combined with a high-gloss finish that creates a nearly wet appearance that's perfect for spring and summer. Ready to give this trend a try? Here are a few of the best iterations of lip oil nails gathered for your inspiration. 

Pink sparkles

Pink is one of the most popular shades of lip oil, due to its ability to flatter basically all skin tones. This makes it an excellent place to start when exploring lip gloss nails. Add a tiny bit of glitter (and maybe some nail art) to elevate the look to a slightly cuter level. 

Whites, pinks, and jewels

If you're not sure which color to go with when selecting your new lip gloss nail look, consider a manicure with a high-gloss clear base for extra gleam. Then, you can add a few white or light pink V French tips and/or accent nails, and pretty spring-inspired jewels.

Sheer blue

Who says lip oil colors have to stick to pinks and purples? Just as some people like to go with bold lip colors, adventurous souls will be drawn to less common hues in the style of lip gloss nails. The sheerness of this manicure makes it the perfect candidate for recreating the look of icy or watery blue.

Lavender shimmer

If you're a fan of iridescence, check out this lovely lavender lip gloss nail manicure with ultra-fine glitter that creates a beautiful pearlescent shimmer against the tinted backdrop throughout each nail. This fun, sophisticated look will carry you through late spring and into early summer without a hitch. 

Peachy pink

If you love the idea of a pink lip oil nail look and have a warm skin tone, look for a shade that leans more towards peach or coral rather than purple or mauve. This will complement the golden undertone of your skin without making it appear sallow or yellow. 

Combination French tips

Lip oil nails don't have to stand alone as the main feature of your manicure. You can combine a sheer lip oil style base in the color of your choice with opaque V tips or classic French tips in the same shade or in a coordinating hue to add some visual contrast. 

Raspberry shine

Looking for a lip oil nail manicure in a color that's a little more impactful than classic pink but still falls under the category of a natural lip color? Go for a deeper shade of sheer raspberry. If you're feeling a little extra, ask your nail tech for some cute seeds to resemble the actual fruit. 

Classic pink with art

If you're someone who struggles with the idea of a plain solid nail color, a lip oil nail manicure can still work for you. Just choose your favorite pink, purple, red, or nude base and then jazz it up with some elaborate nail art that honors the current season or your latest obsession. 

Natural ombré

If you like the idea of French tips but also want to keep the lip oil look throughout your entire nail, consider an ombré approach. This look features the most concentrated pink toward the nail bed which gradually fades into a cream, white, or clear shade at the tip.