Stunning & Simple Ways To Revamp Those Old T-Shirts You No Longer Wear

There's no denying that everyone loves T-shirts. If you like rocking causal or streetwear-inspired looks, you can never have too many. Even if you have a dressier, more sophisticated style, it can't hurt to have a supply of T-shirts to lounge in on your days off at home. 

Everyone should have a simple black T-shirt in their closet, as there are endless ways to style these wardrobe staples. Moreover, you should have at least one comfy oversized T-shirt for when you feel like relaxing in a cozy, low-key outfit. Graphic T-shirts or options with words on them are great for making statements. Even supermodel-turned-author Emily Ratajkowski showed off some of her favorite T-shirts in an Instagram post on March 15, proving that the most fashionable people in the world can still enjoy wearing these decidedly non-fancy pieces.

While T-shirts are fun to wear, they don't always stay in perfect condition or fit perfectly forever, especially if they were cheap or you bought them at a younger age. But don't just throw your top away when that happens. Donating it is always an option, as is re-selling it. But you can still wear an old T-shirt — even if you haven't in a minute. We have some tips for bringing your old T-shirts out of retirement and wearing them again.

Add an edge with a leather jacket

Leather jackets make everything look cooler, including old T-shirts. Adding a leather jacket will make an older T-shirt look edgy rather than outdated, especially if it's a band T-shirt or has some wear and tear. Furthermore, leather is timeless and won't appear "old."  It will balance out the age of the T-shirt, even if you've had it since middle school.

Wear an old oversized T-shirt as a dress

If your old oversized T-shirt looks even more oversized on you than it did in the past because maybe it stretched out or you lost some weight, consider wearing it as a dress. T-shirt dresses are casual and exude cool-girl energy, whether worn with leggings, tights, or even bare legs.

Cut it into a cute crop top

On the other hand, you can never go wrong with revamping an old top by chopping off the bottom to transform the T-shirt into a crop top. Crop tops always look sexy, so breaking out the scissors will help your old top go from outdated to provocative.

Change the neckline

If you want to do something different to upgrade an old T-shirt, consider changing the neckline. Try cutting a higher neckline into a sexier, more intriguing V-neck design. You can find tutorials for how to cut a V-neckline into your T-shirt with scissors on TikTok, and it isn't too challenging or complicated.

Chop off the sleeves

Sleeveless tops are fun, flirty, and perfect for hot and sunny weather. So, why not transform your old T-shirt into a cuter sleeveless top? Whether you cut off only some of the sleeves for a thicker strap or completely chop them for tiny straps, going sleeveless is an exciting way to revamp an old top.

Flaunt some cut-outs

Adding some daring cut-outs is a bold way to transform any top. Using scissors or an X-ACTO knife to add a collar cut-out, sleeve cut-out, or any other cut-outs can turn any T-shirt from boring or basic to wild and head-turning. A top with some cut-outs can be grunge, sexy, or both, depending on the type of T-shirt and how neat or messy the cut-outs come out.