Move Over, Stilettos - Wedges Are Walking Into The Spotlight

Do you love heels but hate the inevitable pain they cause? Many people are in the same boat, as those heels provide a glamorous look, making you look taller and more stylish, but there's no avoiding discomfort that comes with wearing them for a while. Stilettos are famously uncomfortable, from the ultra-skinny high heel to the design that traps your toes, causing them to feel sore and sweaty. But sometimes, people forget that stilettos aren't the only heel option!

Wedges can also make you look taller and elevate your outfit, providing a more low-key and comfortable alternative to intense heels. Plus, wedges are more fashionable than traditional sandals. "A wedge allows you to get the height and feel of a stiletto but in a more modern, and frankly comfortable, silhouette... There's something modern and fresh about it that creates an almost aerodynamic element to the design," Jeffrey Kalinsky, the chief merchant and creative officer of Theory, told Refinery29. If you're ready to embrace the wedge design, here's how to rock the return of the wedge.

Elevate your denim shorts

It's hard to wear classic pumps or glamorous stilettos with denim shorts without looking like you're about to go to work at a strip club. While the combination of striking stilettos and denim shorts is typically a bit too much and too mismatched for everyday wear, wedges are perfect for adding a subtle sexy-stylish touch to even the most casual denim shorts, instantly making for a cute outfit.

Go low-key in a neutral pair

If you want to look taller without appearing too bold, you can't go wrong with neutral wedges. When these shoes are in a low-key, neutral hue, they'll flatter you by adding a few inches but will never overpower your outfit. When you're in doubt, reach for a neutral wedge for a subtle yet chic look.

Match them to your outfit

Contrast can be a lot of fun, but matching your footwear to your outfit always appears stylish and put-together. So, consider investing in a new pair of wedges to match the clothes you plan to wear the next time you have an occasion or event to attend. For instance, consider purchasing a sleek pair of black wedges to match a black-and-white ensemble or a lively pair of red wedges to wear with a bright red dress.

Wedges look great with skirts

One of the best combinations we can think of is the wedge and skirt look. Whether you wear a mini, midi, or maxi skirt, you can't go wrong with a pair of wedges for your footwear. Since wedges exude spring and summer vibes, they give off a similar playful energy to skirts, making for an unbeatable combo.

Show off your pedicure

Did you just get back from the nail salon or finally try a new nail polish for a pedicure and love the results? Give your pedicure a moment in the spotlight! Strappy, tall wedges will draw more attention to your feet than flat sandals or heels that cover up your toes, so let your pedicure shine in bold pair of wedges. Whether your wedges match your pedicure or are in an opposite hue, get ready for countless compliments on your wedges and pedicure.

Wear your wedges to work and after work

Wedges are about as practical as footwear can get, as these shoes are appropriate for professional events and casual outdoor antics. Don't be afraid to wear your wedges to the office with your workwear and then to a backyard party after; thanks to wedges, you won't need to bring a change of shoes!