Wait, Which Comes First: Eyeliner Or Eyeshadow?

Do you apply eyeliner or eyeshadow first? At one point or another, it's a question that plagues every beauty lover. While most ponder this at the beginning of their makeup journey, everyone tends to pick a side and stick to it from there onward. Like any makeup debate, there are pros and cons to each approach. Those who apply eyeliner first explain that it's done to not mess up your eyeshadow look. On the other hand, those who apply eyeshadow first explain that it protects the eyeliner from getting ruined. While there's no correct way of applying makeup, this is one of the rare instances where one makes more practical sense than the other.


Although getting out of an old habit is hard, those who apply eyeliner first should consider doing a one-time switch on their makeup routine. Applying your eyeliner or eyeshadow first won't make a dramatic difference when it comes to your overall makeup look. Still, applying your eyeshadow first can save you plenty of time. For those who tend to rush their makeup, an eyeshadow first routine can be a lifesaver. Whether you apply a simple winged eyeliner or exaggerated fishtail eyeliner, applying your eyeshadow first will ensure everything looks flawless.

Applying eyeshadow and then eyeliner

For those used to applying eyeliner before shadows, putting on eyeshadow first might seem backward. But it's worth the try! As L'Oréal Paris explains, putting on your eyeliner first ensures that you get a clean eyeshadow and liner look. Putting on your eyeliner first puts your liner at risk of being covered or smudged by the subsequent eyeshadow step. Even if you're careful, there's a high chance you will get eyeshadow on top of your liner. Once your liner look becomes compromised, you'll have to go back and retouch your eyeliner to get that perfect look again.


While the order of your makeup application comes down to your personal preference, there's a good reason why you'll want to leave your eyeliner for last. Even if you manage to not cover up or ruin your eyeliner with the eyeshadow, the eyeliner's sharpness and boldness will likely diminish. If you plan to rock a sharp black liner, your eyeshadow will lower the starkness of the black color and make it appear faded. Although you could always go back to fix this, it takes more time. Creating the perfect eyeliner swipe twice is much more difficult than doing it once.

Getting the best eye makeup look

Getting the best eye makeup application comes down to a steady hand, patience, and prep work. Although it's an easy step to miss, eyeshadow primer can make a difference in any eye makeup look. Like face primer, an eyeshadow primer will help your eyeshadows' color pop much better. A primer will also create an even texture and color for your makeup to stick. Say goodbye to patchy and uneven application! After applying your eye primer, ensure it has dried before applying your eyeshadow to make sure it doesn't run.


Although many don't want to acknowledge it, clean makeup tools are essential if you want a perfect look. A dirty eyeshadow brush will ruin your look and raises your chances of an eye infection. If you use various eyeshadow colors, a dirty brush will hold all of its pigments in the bristles and cause a flawed application. When it comes to eyeliner, you'll want to make use of the various tools out there to get the perfect wing every time. Eyeliner stamps can be a great resource for those who are still learning to get that sharp and crisp eyeliner wing.