A Mall-Staple Y2K Piercing Trend Is Gearing Up For A Comeback & We're Not Ready

Do you remember the early 2000s when every teenage girl wanted to flaunt a belly button piercing with her low-rise jeans? Somehow Y2K fashion is back in style. Yes, that means low-rise denim is staging a comeback. So you know what that means — get ready for a second wave of belly button piercings. But this time, belly button piercings aren't reserved for trendy and rebellious teen girls. People of all ages will likely want to try them.

Whether you're 18 or 48, you shouldn't get a belly button piercing if you aren't 100% sure you want it, and if you do know you want it, you should do your research and go to a place you trust. Of course, prepare yourself for a little pain, but it shouldn't be too unpleasant. "The piercing is very quick and what you feel is minimal if done well and in a calming environment ... it can take up to a year to fully heal but most belly button piercings can heal within six to eight months," Niki Yeadon, the piercing expert who founded Crystal Point Piercing, tells Glamour UK. Whether or not you're ready for belly button piercings' second wave, these piercings are exciting.

Belly button piercings are super sexy

There's no denying that belly button piercings are sexy. The belly area is an alluring part of your body already, as it's the section between your chest and private parts, so many people love showing some tummy to display some skin without being too provocative on nights out and on hot days. Belly button piercings will draw attention to that already sexy area, and they're fun for all body types. Thus, belly button piercings are arguably the hottest piercings.

See if you can get one in your favorite color

If you can choose the jewelry for your belly button piercing, opt for something in your favorite color if possible, even if you have to wait to change the jewelry until the piercing has healed. Always listen to what the professional says! Just think of how excited you'll be when your piercing reflects your personality or matches your outfits.

Belly button piercings look great with tattoos

Piercings and tattoos look stunning together. If you have tattoos on or near your stomach area, complement that ink with a belly button piercing. Tattoos and piercings exude edgy, artsy vibes, so you'll present unique and intriguing energy by flaunting a belly button piercing with your tattoos.

Crop tops and belly button piercings are a classic combination

Everyone knows that belly button piercings seem like they were made for low-rise jeans. Another garment that will never fail to show off your belly button piercing is a crop top. Since these short tops show your stomach area, they'll put your piercing in the spotlight like you're the star of a Y2K film.

A belly button piercing will elevate your bikini

What will show off your belly button piercing just as much as a crop top or pair of low-rise jeans? A bikini! If you plan on going to the beach, let your belly button shine in your favorite bikini like a sexy, beach-appropriate accessory. So hot!

You can hide it when you don't want everyone to see it

If you're worried about some face or ear piercings appearing unprofessional or inappropriate, belly button piercings can be a better option. On days when you can't rock a crop top or bikini, you can hide the piercing with a blouse or slacks. Therefore, you can hide the piercing for work or a family event if there are some reactions you'd rather not experience.